Here it is! The 3-Day Workweek Schedule :-)

In this guidebook, I share exactly how I'm able to work just 3 days a week and still have a thriving coaching business with 5-figure months and 6-figure years! Plus, I share insider tips that will enable you to do the same. Let's dive in, shall we?!

P.S. Want to know the KEY to 3 day workweeks that result in 6-figure years? High-end clients.

Inside Your 3-Day WorkWeek Guide you'll find...

1) My Schedule: an hour-by-hour breakdown of my 3-day workweek schedule. 

2) Task List: a detailed description of each of the tasks on my schedule so you know precisely what Iā€™m doing during that block of time.

3) Bonus Tips: additional tips and information about how to make a 3-day workweek work for you.

4) Ideal Schedule Template: your very own 3-day workweek template so you can design your amazing 20 hour workweek!