honeymoon sneakpeek : )

craig and i have had honeymoon a.d.d.  first we were thinking napa valley & mexico beach.  (but then mexico got scary.)  then greece.  (but november is their off-season and a lot is closed.)  then ireland.  (but, after speaking with someone from ireland who said november is pretty much the worst month to visit, we decided against it)  then safari  (but that was way expensive...like $1000/day each.)  then charleston, sc & caribbean all-inclusive.  (but that seemed a little mundane for a honeymoon...) 

but, after much research, trials and tribulations, we've come to our decision.  finally.  and there's no turning back (not that we'd want to) because we've booked our flights and one of our hotels. 

so, where are we going?  what fabulous, far-off land is calling us?

here are some (photo) hints...

credit {here}


bridge at night
lobby of casa 1800, our hotel!

roof top deck at our hotel

our hotel : )

then on to location #2...

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so, any guesses? 

do you give up?

we're going to be enjoying a fabulous 10+ days split between the charming (small) city of seville in southern spain and the exotic, ancient city of fez, morocco.  and we couldn't be happier or more excited!!!

if you've visited either place, we would love to hear your suggestions about what to see, do and try : )