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Efficiency Bliss Coaching Call
with Nicola Brown, Efficiency Coach
(value NZ $187)

I know how hard it is, juggling it all. Your business, family, health, finances, employment...and whatever else life throws your way! It’s so easy to start a business full of passion, gusto and enthusiasm, only to be worn down by the sheer amount of work. The endless distractions. The strain of wondering if it’s really worth pursuing a dream when you feel so overwhelmed and exhausted. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! I’m an Efficiency Coach and Clinical Psychologist with twenty years of experience in helping people take care of themselves while they bring their dreams to fruition. During our 45-minute session, we’ll shine a light on what matters most to you. You’ll leave with a much clearer sense of how to capitalise on your time and maximise your energy, so you can truly succeed in business and thrive in life. I LOVE to help smart, ambitious people to move from flustered to flourishing and from stressed to streamlined.

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“It has been two months since my coaching call with Nicola and I am feeling more confident, clearer, and more efficient than ever.  I now know what I need to get done, when I should be doing it, and if I happen to lose track (it happens to the best of us!) I know exactly how to reign myself back in and get back on track.  Our call felt effortless, fun, and professional and I have continued to implement the tips and tricks into my daily work life, making me more productive than I've ever been before.  Thank you Nicola!”
- Emily Socha,

If you would like to book an Efficiency Bliss Coaching Call with Nicola, please contact

Brand and Design Brainstorm
with Hello Big Idea
(value $200)

Hello Big Idea breaths life into big ideas! We help ambitious business owners create the brand and website of their dreams. Always pushing the limits with design, we want to make your brand stand out. Find more at

"HBI made the process so streamlined and fun. The creation of a brand inspiration Pinterest board being one of the first tasks was so helpful. It was an exciting step to visually see what your brain was thinking and how you wanted your brand to be portrayed. I felt like HBI really took time to review my goals and style and pulled really great details I may have been nervous to do myself. It was almost as if they crawled in my head and pulled out thoughts and ideas that I had stored away or pushed aside because I was too nervous about ever implementing them."

- Megan Ibarra, Little Yellow Leaf

If you would like to book a Brand and Design Brainstorm Session with Hello Big Idea, please contact

Chakra Activation Call
with Hilde Meffert, Heart Whisperer
(value $97)

Are you a sensitive soul who often takes on other people’s energy? Does fear often hold you back from living a life you love? During this 60-minute session, we’ll explore your chakras and look at what is holding you back from enjoying a life of more ease, joy and creativity.

Hilde Meffert is a Heart Whisperer, Reiki Master and a certified Vibrational Healer. She helps empaths and sensitives connect with their heart’s desires and their soul’s purpose, to experience more love, joy and creativity in their lives and work.

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“Whether my inner state was peaceful or moderately frantic, Hilde always guided my energy back to center. She would always intuit any emotional complications or health issues I’d be dealing with. She’s gentle, loving and very attentive – a true gem in the healing arena.”

- Nikki Benoit, Reiki Practitioner 

If you would like to book a Chakra Activation Call with Hilde, please contact

Purposeful Eating for Business + Personal Power with Nancy Popkin, Nutrition Coach
(value $140)

Eating the foods that support your efforts will give you the stamina you need to accomplish everything you dream of achieving in your personal and professional life. This session will address your specific needs, diet tweak or major overhaul: when you eat, what you eat and how your lifestyle can support your foods to make the effect even more powerful.

Nancy Popkin is a Nutrition Coach who works with clients via phone, Skype and in person to heal their relationship with food. She helps busy people maintain their energy, achieve balance and love their bodies using a combination of proven food changes and lifestyle tools and practices customized to each individual. Find more at

“Listening to my concerns, Nancy offered multiple suggestions and techniques to address each one. This gave me various avenues to approach my problems within the framework of my lifestyle. We resolved some of my concerns immediately and continue to work on others. Nancy is an excellent listener. I will continue to meet with her to maintain my progress. Her professionalism and knowledge are outstanding.”

If you would like to book an Personal Eating for Business + Personal Power Session with Nancy, please contact

Worry Release Session
with Lexi Koch, Intuitive Coach
(value $100)

You’re doing so much already and yet it somehow always feels like there is more to do. The problem is that rarely does all this doing actually include taking care of YOU.  It'd be nice though while taking care of everyone and everything else not to also feel in a fog, totally overwhelmed, lacking confidence and just generally removed from the joy you know you deserve.  During this session, we’ll get beneath the guilt, shame and fear that keeps coming up to find out what your heart is really saying and yearning for so you can experience presence and confidence right away.

Lexi Koch is a notable intuitive coach who empowers women to gain a profound knowing of themselves. Within the sacred space of sessions, clients are guided to drastically transform their overwhelm and lack of self-esteem into radical insights that result in lasting presence and renewed confidence. 

"Before I started working with Lexi I was so weighed down with self-inflicted pressure to be more, do more and more. Now though, I have become my own best friend. I am kinder to myself and to those around me. Working with Lexi continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made."

- Rosalee de la Foret

If you would like to book an Efficiency Bliss Coaching Call with Nicola, please contact

Enhance Your Natural Beauty Consultation
with Noleen Sliney, Professional Makeup Artist
(value $115)

You want to look and feel your absolute best every single day. And you want to be able to do this quickly. But you’re totally confused and overwhelmed by where to start buying makeup products. Or perhaps you already own some makeup products, but you’ve no idea how to use them. Or if they’re even the right products for you. During our complimentary 45 Minute session, I’ll help take the overwhelm away for you. We’ll discuss what your issues are when it comes to makeup, and I’ll give you some simple, easy to follow techniques to enhance YOUR naturally, already beautiful features even further.

Noleen Sliney is a makeup artist & hairstylist who loves to show women like you how to enhance your natural beauty. Not only so you’ll look fabulous, but also so you’ll FEEL fabulous, and full of self confidence every single day. Noleen also works with brides, again focusing on their natural beauty, so that they’ll feel full of confidence walking down the aisle to marry their best friend. She’s also worked on many fashion shootings, as well as commercial projects. Her work has been featured in several wedding blogs and magazines such as The Wedding-Concierge, The Little Wedding Corner, Seestyle Magazine and Yoga Journal.


“Noleen is so knowledgeable and amazing to work with! She is incredibly patient and answered all my questions (even the stupid ones!) in detail! I love all the little make up tricks and tips she had to share! Her enthusiasm is quite contagious and she makes everyone feel amazing about themselves! I highly recommend her services -- you will not regret it! 5 thumbs up!”

- Vivian

If you would like to book a Natural Beauty Consultation with Noleen, please contact

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"Speak To Inspire" Assessment Session
with Julia Beauchamp, Your Speak To Inspire Coach
(value $375)

You have a message that you need to share with the world, but you're fearing the audience's judgment, playing small and not getting the clients and money you want from the speaking opportunities you have. n this 60 minute 1-1 Video chat session we'll assess your current speaking level and create a plan for how you can become confident and inspiring on stage.

Julia Beauchamp helps entrepreneurs to attract more clients from the stage. With 3,000 hours of on-stage experience, 15 years of performance training and 10 years of yoga teaching, she knows what it takes to captivate a room and have an impact. Claim your free gift at

"A master teacher, Julia  taught me to commit to my potential as a speaker and leader.  I yearned to take my message to the next level. Through her instruction, I realized that inspirational public speaking transforms the audience, as well as the orator. I now enthusiastically embrace  public speaking as a spiritual practic."

-Elise, yoga teache, yogipreneu and speaker in San Francisco, CA

If you would like to book a Speak to Inspire Assessment Session with Julia, please contact

Let Go of the Overwhelm and Finally THRIVE
with Heather B. Munro
(value $275)

You're motivated, intelligent and have read all the books on health, wellness and living a balanced, whole life. But, you are currently overwhelmed with the mountains of information you have attained and now feel stuck, frustrated and confused. You're not sure why you can't lose "the weight," why your energy is plummeting or how to let go of the constant fretting about what to eat, how to eat, or what is truly right for you. 

During the 45 minute session, we'll pinpoint exactly what is keeping you stuck and find the optimal way to get YOU moving in the direction of living a simplified, vibrant life. 

Heather Munro is a Mind-Body Mentor for women who are ready to THRIVE. As a speaker, writer, Mind-Body Nutrition practitioner for Smart Pressed Juice and Whole Self Health advocate, she helps facilitate deep and lasting transformation through one on one conversation, guided movement and mindfulness, unique nourishment enhancements, and distinct diagnostics on the 7 aspects of you. She specializes in helping women step out of the overwhelm in their lives and step into living life filled with vibrancy and ease.

For your free Mind-Body Assessment visit


"Heather is the consummate healer. A genuine sense of warmth and intellect infuse her practice. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her chosen fields and committed to helping people find the tools and language they need to sustain a fresh relationship with food and their bodies."

- Jane Fox 

If you would like to book an Let Go and THRIVE Call with Heather, please contact

Downloading the Blueprint
with Jess & Jean
(value $200)

This innovative coaching team consists of receiving a spiritual healing along with providing the client with a clear map of core issues.  The 50 min session will clarify old programming that could be holding back the client's potential.  The goal is for clients to receive a spiritual perspective along with bringing to the surface deep rooted issues that may be in their "blind spot".  
Miss Jess & Jean have been working in the medical social work profession for over a decade with one of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation. They decided to align their professional experience along with their talents to create an innovative and powerful coaching service. Their team approach to coaching is seamless. ACCE is a multidimensional framework which combines spiritual healing and life coaching into a transformative process that integrates the whole client.  Find more at


"When Miss Jess started the reading, it was amazing, without me saying a word, she picked up on things that only I knew."

- Vance, IT Los Angeles
"Jean's ability to see and articulate issues anchored deeply within her clients is unparalleled."

- Crista Henggler,  

If you would like to book a Downloading the Blueprint Session with Jess & Jean, please contact