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Design Your Ideal WORKWEEK

Hi there! I know why you've come & I'm so glad you have...

You want to make an impact. But right now, you're spinning your wheels.

When you first dreamt up your business, you were totally lit up by the idea, but now that you’re actually working it, that fire has been replaced by self-imposed pressure and anxiety. You're doing a lot but getting no where fast. You feel scattered and want practical steps for forward motion.

You want to Work less, Make More and Live a Life you LOVE, too. You'd love to work maybe 20 hours a week, have plenty of time, money and energy for the people and things you love most while still expanding your business to serve at its greatest capacity.

But right now that all seems far away, and you’re wondering when you’ll finally hit your stride and feel the momentum shift from hustle to ease, but it hasn’t happened yet.

So, you keep chasing idea after idea. You work a lot on your business and think about it constantly, but sometimes at the end of the day, you sometimes feel like you haven’t really accomplished anything significant. You wonder: What should I be working on? What things will move me forward the fastest? When will I start feeling and seeing the success I want? When will I have the time, energy and money I wanted when I started this business?!

You see other women entrepreneurs who seem to have it all figured out -- they're working 3 days a week, have a 6 or 7-figure business and seem to be truly enjoying their lives outside of work -- but you don't know how to get there, and you don't know what's missing that's keeping you from that goal.

You wish someone would just tell you what to do.

I'm going to let you in on a (not so) secret...

The thing that shifted my business from barely getting by to crossing the 6-figure mark was my 3-Day Workweek.

Let me explain...without a clear framework around our working hours (and our personal hours) our business is like a river without banks. Our energy seeps in all directions -- there's no flow, no momentum. We can push, hustle and try to force forward motion, but it's an uphill battle.

When we take the time to intentionally design our lives and businesses and create a schedule and lifestyle that make sense for us, our families and our businesses, we're setting ourselves up for success right from the start. We're putting the banks back on our river so that success can flow.

Let me show you how.

a coach for women entrepreneurs who want 3-day workweeks, a business they believe in and a life they are totally in LOVE with.

When I shifted to a 3-day workweek after the birth of my first daughter, everything changed for me. I went from making practically no money in my business (seriously, I made just $22.50 in July of 2015) to having a $30K launch in February 2016 and crossing the 6-figure mark in my business just 8 months later! 

I was able to accomplish all this while working just 3 days a week and enjoying 4 day weekends with my adorable daughter and husband. Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

My 3-day workweek changesd everything. My business got better. My life got better. And, I started feeling truly successful. It was the ultimate game changer!

If you’re ready to escape the "hustle mindset" and want to fully embrace the notion that life and business can be (and feel) fantastic right now, you’re in the right place!

I’m so very pleased that you’re here. Now, let me show you around...

"Talent can't be taught, and Cailen absolutely has a natural talent for supporting others in crafting clear visions, seeing what's blocking them, and mapping out the plan to get there.  Many coaches struggle with the planning and systems aspects of business, and that's where Cailen's dedication and natural talents merge, in support of their greatest success."

- Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach


Free 3-Day Workweek Schedule.

Design Your Ideal WORKWEEK