a Lifestyle Design Expert and creator of Design Your Life School.

Through my programs, products and coaching, I help women bring intentional design into their lives and businesses so that they can feel good right now as they stop living by default and start creating success on their terms.

A huge piece of what I teach is the importance of intentionally designing your Ideal Workweek so that you can set yourself up to work LESS, make MORE (more money, more impact, more time) and ultimately live BETTER.

As they say, how we spend our days (and weeks!) is how we spend our lives!

Here's why...

The moment intentional design moved the the forefront of my life was after the birth of my first daughter when I shifted to a 3-day workweek.

After that decision, everything changed for me. I went from feeling like a failure in business (and life) and making practically no money (seriously, I made just $22.50 in July of 2015) to having a $30K launch in February 2016 and crossing the 6-figure mark in my business just 8 months later! Then, in 2017 I used the principles of intentional design to take 4 months off after the birth of my 2nd daughter and still increase my income by 15%.

Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

The intentional design of my 3-day workweek changed everything for me. My business got better. My life got better. And, I started feeling truly successful. It was the ultimate game changer!

If you’re ready to escape the "hustle mindset" and want to fully embrace the notion that life and business can be (and feel) fantastic right now, you’re in the right place! It's time to DESIGN what you truly want, and on that note, I've got something for you -- my 3-Day Workweek Schedule.

In this helpful guidebook, I share my exact 3-day workweek schedule that enabled me to hit the 6-figure mark in my business.  Click the button below to get your copy :-)

The journey has to align with the destination.

You’re a success-seeking woman who knows her time is NOW.

You dream of 3-day workweeks, 6-figure years and creating a successful business + life on your terms.

But, you’re not sure how to shift your business momentum from murky progress and small wins to clear, feel-good action and unstoppable expansion. I know, all-too-well, this “before” and “after” -- I’ve lived it myself, and it’s what I work with all of my brilliant clients to achieve.

What you need is to Design Your Ideal workweek.

Learn how to do just that here.

Professional Bio

Cailen Ascher, Lifestyle Design Expert and the creator of the 3-Day Workweek Program, has been spotlighted in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Create Podcast, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Marketing Moxie, Get Gutsy, MindBodyGreen, Yoga Journal, Gary Vaynerchuk’s 1 a Day Q&A, GaiamTV and dozens of other podcasts and popular publications.

She is the host of The 3-Day Workweek Podcast and was the 2014 Gold Stevie Award winner for the coveted title of Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

Her signature program, 3-Day Workweek, online products and coaching have helped 1000s of success-seeking women entrepreneurs and coaches bring the principles of intentional design into their lives and businesses and begin creating true success on their terms.

Cailen lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her handsome husband, 2 adorable daughters and a spunky dog named Olive.


You rock, Cailen. Thank you SO much for your coaching. I feel so much clearer about where I'm headed with my business and my life after our conversation! 

- Jennifer Ball, Success Strategist, www.hellocoachjennifer.com