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"Cailen is a beacon of organization, clarity and focus. The franticness and overwhelm that so many aspiring entrepreneurs experience is out the window in a flash, under Cailen's ultra-calm, laser-sharp and capable guidance."

- Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Business Strategist,

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4 months of Success Made Simple™ 1x1 coaching with Cailen to get the customized plan you need to generate abundant full-time income while working part-time hours. If you know you're destined for 6-figures working less than 20 hours a week, welcome home :-)

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The Six-Figures Made Simple Mastermind™ is your launchpad to an abundant 6-figure business. If you’re ready to embrace a hustle-free approach to scaling your business and receive the coaching, connections, strategies and sisterhood it takes to work less, make more and live better, this 6 month, high-level mastermind is the ticket.

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Jumpstart your success with a clear + simple plan. In just a few hours, we can map out a perfect-for-you plan to reach new, BIG milestones like landing high-end clients for your high-ticket offer, having your first $5K or $10K month, outlining new premium packages or programs or maybe your 5-figure launch strategy! During this potent session you will cultivate the mindset and receive the Success Made Simple™ strategies you need for rapid success, so you can create momentum like never before!

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The Success Made Simple Academy™ is the premier membership for under-earning entrepreneurs who are ready to receive the business coaching + success strategies they need to work less, make more and live better so they can become the abundant business owners they know they are destined to become.

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All of these à la carte options offer simple business + success strategies that cover a wide range of topics depending on the guidance you’re needing. Whether you want to remove money blocks, attract more high-end clients, work on your mindset or create a perfect-for-you schedule, the library of Success Made Simple Self-Study™ has your back. Plus, you can move through all self-study options at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home!