Attract High-End CLients

Find, Enroll + Maintain High-End Clients

Do you ever...

  • Struggle to bring in consistent income in your business
  • Feel like you're always on the hunt for clients
  • Attract prospects and clients who can't afford or don't want to invest in your services
  • Fail to "close the sale" on consultation call
  • Chronically undercharge
  • Work too-many-hours for too-few-dollars
  • Feel like you're caught in the "feast or famine" cycle of online business

That means It's Time to:

Attract High-End Clients!

High-end clients are the ones that are an absolute delight to work with, readily implement your advice and happily invest in your offerings...and often come back for more! These are the clients you want, and, more importantly, these are the clients you need if you want a lifestyle and a business that you adore (so you can enjoy 3 day workweeks and 6-figure years!).

With the ATtract High-End Clients Mini-Course you will learn how to...

Find High-End Clients
Enroll High-End Clients
Maintain a steady flow of High-End Clients in your business

Inside, you'll find 3 essential Mini Lessons

Each with a streamlined 15 min audio training, action sheet + resource sheet

Lesson 1 - Find High-End Clients

  • The truth about landing high-end clients

  • Shifting momentum from client desperation ā†’ client wait list

  • Places to find high-end clients

Lesson 2 - Enroll High-End Clients

  • The importance of a personal touch

  • How to conduct an effective, feel-good consultation call

  • Perfect-for-you pricing & owning your worth

  • Closing the sale in a non-salesy way

Lesson 3 - MAintain High-End CLients

  • Creating a high-end experience

  • Building a wait list

  • The mindset you need for high-end clients

Plus these Bonuses...

  • Email swipe copy that is proven to land high-end clients
  • Client Contract swipe copy to protect yourself + your client
  • Complimentary access to Cailen's Sales Clarity Training
  • And...a comprehensive checklist to track your progress!




What you can expect from Attract High-End Clients...

  • Attract High-End Clients is a self-study mini-course, which means as soon as your purchase is complete, you'll get INSTANT access to the entire program!

  • You'll receive 3 essential Mini-Lessons, each with a streamlined 15 minute audio recorded by me as well as an action sheet + resource sheet to help you implement the teachings immediately.

  • Learn my exact system for finding, enrolling and consistently maintaining high-end clients in my business that allows me to work just 3 days a week and enjoy 6-figure years!

  • And, there are spectacular bonus inclusions, like Email Swipe Copy of an email that brought in over $6K in 4 daysClient Contract Swipe Copy to step-up your professional game and protect you + your clients, complimentary access to Sales Clarity Training to master the art of feel-good sales conversations, Extra Credit incentives, and a Checklist to help you track your progress along the way!

  • Why a mini-course? Because I've seen (and signed-up for) too many online trainings that have rambling modules with hours and hours of trainings and endless worksheets. They're packed with "stuff" instead of value. This program is the exact opposite. Streamlined. Value-packed. And, wonderfully petite!




What life is like AFTER Attracting High-End Clients...

  • Working LESS and making (and living!) more (hello, 3-day workweek + 4 day weekends!)
  • Feeling totally lit up by the work you're doing and the people you're working with
  • Hitting new income milestones in your business like your first $5K or even 5-figure month!
  • Getting on track for your first 6-figure year!
  • Having more time to grow your business instead of just slogging through the daily grind
  • Feeling truly purpose-full and ease-full for the first time!

After going through the course, I can feel a shift in how I can expand my thinking, actions and confidence towards developing high-end clients consistently. I now have a greater sense of possibility and a greater sense of trust and confidence in my own ability to build a high-end clientele over time.
— Emily Herrick, Private Yoga Teacher + Spaciousness Mentor



Working Too-Many-Hours for Too-Few-Dollars?
Attract High-End Clients Can Shift Everything for you!

Thanks to the client enrollment system Iā€™m sharing with you in the Attract High-End Clients program, I was able to cross the 6-figure mark in my business in just 10 months while working just 3 days a week. Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

Creating a business you adore while living a fulfilling life that you love can be your reality, too, but you first have to crack the code for connecting with the high-end clients who are hungry for the work that you do.

This program will teach you how to do exactly that.