From money blocks to $500K a year!

Meet Josée-Anne


Josée-Anne is a lifestyle blogger, author, speaker, coach, podcast host and all-around inspiration. I first connected with Josée-Anne a year ago when she enrolled in 1x1 private coaching with me.

Today, her message and mission reach tens of thousands of women all over the globe, and she regularly hosts sold-out events and retreats in gorgeous locales like Hawaii and Costa Rica, where she brings along her 1.5 year old daughter and husband. She’s got 18 events booked for next year!

When we first began working together, she was self-admittedly dealing with a lot of money blocks and as she put it “holding myself back from playing bigger”. She felt pulled in a million different directions, not sure which one to pursue, and though she had undeniable potential, she lacked the clarity and plan to make the bold moves she was desiring.

I had the opportunity to chat with her a few weeks ago and catch up, and it was remarkable how things have shifted in just a year’s time!

She has built out her business in new, exciting ways with a new brand Ouitch (pronounced Witch) that inspires women to embrace their “magic”. And, she shared with me that in the past 2 months the Ouitch product line has brought in $25K in sales!

Beyond that, she now has a full-time employee, an event organizer and she’s partnered with (and is able to pay!) her husband for his work on her successful YouTube channel and the graphic design work he does. 


The one thing she wishes is that she had more time for working because she loves it so much. Right now, she’s a full-time stay at home mom (believe it or not!) with her baby girl so sometimes she only has 5 hours a week to work on her business. But despite that, she’s been able to build her business up to $500K a year in revenue! (And, she shared at the time we chatted that she’s hired a nanny who is starting in 2 weeks!)

I asked her about her coaching work, and she said that she’s not even really promoting it any more. Women tend to reach out to her excited and willing to move into coaching when they’re ready. It’s clear that she’s totally in the flow :-) 

At the end of our conversation, we were reflecting back to when we first started working together a year ago -- with major money blocks, lack of clarity and lack of support support in her way, and this is what Josée-Anne said to me…


“I remember where I was a year ago when we started working together. I was just starting to go bigger. I really had to work on my money mindset. I was always in scarcity. Now I’m looking at it, and I’m like holy sh*t, I make $500,000 a year!!!”
— Josée-Anne SC

It’s such an honor and a privilege to work with women like Josée-Anne who are destined for greatness and share the strategies and practices that have helped me build a 6-figure business working just 3 days a week. 

If you’re ready for your success story, I’d love to help you create it. 

I have 4 spots available for new private coaching clients and am looking to work with women who, like Josée-Anne, are ready to play bigger and invest in themselves to get there.

Here’s what working together would look like for you…

  • 3 months of private one-on-one coaching with me :-)
  • Bespoke action plan to help you reach your biggest goals quickly and with ease
  • An inside look at how I run my business, schedule my workweek and bring in full-time income working part-time hours
  • Unprecedented levels of support, accountability and guidance
  • Access to my network of influencers 
  • Customized tools, resources and systems to fast track your success
  • Complimentary access to ALL my programs

If you know that’s what you need right now, apply here, and we’ll set up a time to talk soon to ensure we’re a good fit.