Business Clarity Accelerator

6-week LIVE group coaching with Cailen

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Accelerated Business Clarity = Success

This 6 week live group coaching experience will deliver you the foundational Business Clarity you need to radically increase your business momentum and define your clear path to success.


If you’re currently struggling with…

  • Defining a clear vision of where you’re heading
  • Overcoming mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Identifying & engaging your perfect-for-you clients
  • Lack of business confidence
  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else in your industry
  • Mapping out your future plan for growth + revenue
  • Creating must-have services and products that your clients adore
  • Refining your Core Message, Title & Tagline
  • Elevating your Wealth Consciousness
  • Mastering the art of feel-good sales conversations

Believe it or not, everything listed above is a symptom of lack of Business Clarity.

If you’re struggling to move your business forward and feel like you’re spending a lot of time and energy working on your business without seeing any real results, Business Clarity Accelerator is the ticket.


“Thanks to BCA, I realized how much my mindset surrounding money was holding me back from charging more, doing more, and essentially making what I was worth. More generally, I feel like I “own” my business more -- I now realize how much I was disconnected before. I was just going through the motions hoping that something would fall into my lap, whereas now I am actively taking steps and am making changes so that I can see and actively experience the success that I desire!”

- Emily Socha,

Get on the waitlist!

Put your name on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open!

“We might know the right questions but don't ask them. Cailen offers up the important questions without overwhelming you. She helps guide you down a path to clarity and supports you the whole way. The environment and participants of BCA are supportive and motivating. I looked forward to the weekly calls and the boost that came with connecting with my talented colleagues. Before BCA I was a successful Yoga Teacher but I was playing "small" and struggling with how to take the next step. After going through BCA I have the tools to play big and I am laying the groundwork to take my business to the next level.”

- Gretchen Schutte,



What’s Included in Business Clarity Accelerator…

Weekly LIVE Call with Cailen
All live calls are recorded so you can save & listen back

6 Comprehensive Clarity Lessons including:

  • 6 weekly audio lessons

  • Extensive action sheets

  • Checklists to keep you on track

  • Resource sheets, bonus PDFs, swipe copy and fillable templates

Private members-only Facebook Group

My eyes and personalized feedback on YOUR business to get you the Clarity you need NOW


I loved the group calls and getting to know the other group members - that engagement created a lively community of support!”

- Nancy Popkin,

Get on the waitlist!

Put your name on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open!


Week 1

Vision Clarity

Define your clear vision
Uncover 25 essential elements of your BIG Vision
Discover your Signature Success Style

Week 2

Mindset Clarity 

Align your mindset with success
Uncover the storylines that are holding you back
Develop a personalized Mindset Practice 
Remove the mindset blocks that are stifling your success


Client Clarity

Identify & engage with your perfect-for-you clients
Learn who they are, what they want & precisely where to find them

Week 4

Confidence Clarity

Build true business confidence & own what you’re doing
Find your Zone of Genius & learn how to operate there on a daily basis
Discover your Business Confidence Model to unlock your potential



Create breathtaking services & products your clients must-have
Refine your Core Message, Tagline & Title
Create a compelling opt-in
Start a simple client experience funnel that draws the right clients to you

Week 6

Money Clarity

Learn how to make more money than ever before
Master your authentic, feel-good Sales Conversation
Elevate your Wealth Consciousness & define your Perfect Pricing
Live your true value every day & feel truly worthy of success

Get on the waitlist!

Put your name on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open!

“Before Business Clarity Accelerator, my business was fine. It was also a little scattered. I felt a little scattered. Kind of like everything was trial and error. I was making progress but it was slow and unpredictable. After completing BCA, I have a new wave of energy & inspiration. I feel ready & empowered to share my expertise (thanks to an unexpected major confidence boost from BCA) and I feel in total alignment with my business.”

- Hannah Chelsey, New Parent Coach,