Business Clarity Accelerator

6-Week Live Group Coaching with Cailen

ATTRACT IDEAL CLIENTS & Build your 6-figure Business

Business Clarity = More Clients + More $$$

If you’re currently struggling with...

  • Getting to the next level & having your first $5K, $10K or $20K month
  • Defining a clear vision of where you’re heading
  • Overcoming mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Identifying, finding & engaging your perfect-for-you clients
  • Lack of business confidence
  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else in your industry
  • Mapping out your future plan for growth + revenue
  • Creating must-have services and products that sell themselves
  • Refining your core message, title & tagline
  • Getting your first or next clients
  • Mastering the art of feel-good sales conversations
  • Elevating your wealth consciousness
  • Making consistent money in your business

Everything above is a symptom of lack of Business Clarity.

Business Clarity will transform your life + business.

I’ve experienced, first hand, the life-changing before & after of Business Clarity.



  • 7 years of (painful) serial entrepreneurship. 
  • Always questioning myself and my abilities. 
  • Working A LOT but seeing few results.
  • Always wondering when things would take off. 
  • Worrying about money, a lot.
  • Making just $22.50 in July of 2015.


  • Clear, focused, feel-good plan of inspired action.
  • Confidence, a mindset of success and CLARITY by the boatloads.
  • $10K, $30K $50K+ launches.
  • 5-figure months.
  • Working just 3 days/week.
  • 6-figure years.
  • No longer worrying about money & feeling truly abundant in ALL ways.
  • Being interviewed for Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire & dozens of other podcasts and tele-summits.
  • Being invited into high level masterminds with industry leaders.
  • Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

As a Clarity Coach, I’ve seen this dramatic before & after play out for my clients, too, and I can tell you this this with 100% confidence, 
NOTHING feels better or delivers bigger wins than Business Clarity.

“Before Business Clarity Accelerator, my business was fine. It was also a little scattered. I felt a little scattered. Kind of like everything was trial and error. I was making progress but it was slow and unpredictable. After completing BCA, I have a new wave of energy & inspiration. I feel ready & empowered to share my expertise (thanks to an unexpected major confidence boost from BCA) and I feel in total alignment with my business.”

- Hannah Chelsey, New Parent Coach,


What’s Included in Business Clarity Accelerator…

  • Weekly LIVE Call with Cailen

    • All live group calls are recorded so you can save & listen back
  • 6 Comprehensive Clarity Lessons:

    • Weekly audio lessons

    • Extensive action sheets

    • Checklists to keep you on track

    • Resource sheets, bonus PDFs, swipe copy and fillable templates

  • Private Facebook Group

    • For BCA members-only with lifetime access for continued support even after the program ends

  • My personalized feedback on YOUR business

    • This group program is limited to 20 women max, so I'm able to really get to know you, your business & your vision and empower you with everything you need to get the absolute most out of this experience.


Before Business Clarity Accelerator, my business was a happy idea. Now, I have a clearly defined, thoughtfully designed market niche which services, and solves problems for, my perfect-for-me clients. BCA smartly, and effectively, peels away excess concerns, uncertainties and mental roadblocks. This process reveals the clear and successful path to your passion, your business.  It was so powerful being really true to myself when answering Cailen's thought provoking questions. Thank you Cailen, once again, for the clarity!

- Janet Poles, Owner and Designer,


I loved the group calls and getting to know the other group members - that engagement created a lively community of support!”

- Nancy Popkin,

If you’ve always dreamed of...

  • Having a clearly defined, successful business doing what you love
  • Working with perfect-for-you clients + changing their lives for the better
  • Speaking about your business with Clarity and confidence
  • Knowing your innate value and charging what you’re worth
  • Living a fulfilling lifestyle of ease and abundance
  • Crafting a clear and memorable brand that resonates with your perfect-for-you clients
  • Working LESS and making MORE (hello 3-day workweeks & 6-figure years!)
  • Feeling in the flow of your life, rather than struggling against the current
  • A life of freedom to enjoy things you love like travel, mid-day yoga classes and plenty of time with family and friends
  • Getting clients with ease
  • Having plenty of money for the perks of life like dinners out, new clothes that make you feel fantastic, relaxing (unplugged!) vacations, regular mani/pedis and massages, spontaneous weekends away, and other indulgences
  • Making $5K, $10K or even $20K in a month
  • Having a 6-figure business built upon your clear strengths that impacts others in profound and life-changing ways
  • Having true + lasting Clarity about who you are, what you stand for and how you can uniquely improve the world

...CLARITY can unlock all that for you!




Week 1

Vision Clarity

Define your clear vision
Uncover 25 essential elements of your BIG Vision
Discover your Signature Success Style

Week 2

Mindset Clarity 

Align your mindset with success
Uncover the storylines that are holding you back
Develop a personalized Mindset Practice 
Remove the mindset blocks that are stifling your success


Client Clarity

Identify & engage with your perfect-for-you clients
Learn who they are, what they want & precisely where to find them

Week 4

Confidence Clarity

Build true business confidence & own what you’re doing

Find your Zone of Genius & learn how to operate there on a daily basis

Discover your Business Confidence Model to unlock your potential



Create breathtaking services & products your clients must-have
Refine your Core Message, Tagline & Title
Create a compelling opt-in
Start a simple client experience funnel that draws the right clients to you

Week 6

Money Clarity

Learn how to make more money than ever before & hit new milesones like your first $5K, $10K or $20K month
Master your authentic, feel-good Sales Conversation
Elevate your Wealth Consciousness & define your Perfect Pricing
Live your true value every day & feel truly worthy of success
“We might know the right questions but don't ask them. Cailen offers up the important questions without overwhelming you. She helps guide you down a path to clarity and supports you the whole way. The environment and participants of BCA are supportive and motivating. I looked forward to the weekly calls and the boost that came with connecting with my talented colleagues. Before BCA I was a successful Yoga Teacher but I was playing "small" and struggling with how to take the next step. After going through BCA I have the tools to play big and I am laying the groundwork to take my business to the next level.”

- Gretchen Schutte,


"Before Business Clarity Accelerator, I was trying to run 3 businesses and feeling really overwhelmed. I also felt that if I quit any of it I would be a 'failure.' As I learned more about what truly works for me and brings me fulfillment and how much value I have to offer, I started to value my self worth and show myself more self love and self care. This was a huge shift at age 60, after a lifetime of not valuing or acknowledging my own worth. This shift feels life-changing and I know it will have huge benefit in my business, as well."

- Emily Herrick,


Early Incentive Bonuses for Fast Action Takers :-)

IMPORTANT: These bonuses expire DAILY, so the sooner you enroll the better if you want to receive these 5 Early Incentive Gifts!


This takes BCA's week 6 lesson to a whole new level

#2 Attract High-End CLients Course [Value $50]

My step-by-step process to attracting (and signing) high-end clients to your business

#3 Bonus Bundle

100 Questions to Keep Your Community Engaged: Engage with + grow your community with this resource guide from guest expert Jordana Jaffe, Facebook Group Expert
Basic Legal Guide for Entrepreneurs: Turn legal mush into legal magic with this special guide from guest expert Gena Shingle Jaffe, Sparkly Lawyer for Entrepreneurs
Clarity Book List: my favorite must-reads for lasting Business Clarity



Other group coaching programs are multiple months long + cost multiple thousands of dollars...

Business Clarity Accelerator is just that...accelerated.

What most programs take months and months to cover, I've distilled down into a streamlined 6-week experience that delivers BIG wins in a fraction of the time...and for a fraction of the price. If you're ready to set yourself up for more clients + more money right NOW (not in 6 months!), then Business Clarity Accelerator is the ticket :-)

Imagine having your 2017 business goals accomplished or in the works by the end of February.
It's possible when you say YES to Business Clarity Accelerator.

“Thanks to BCA, I realized how much my mindset surrounding money was holding me back from charging more, doing more, and essentially making what I was worth. More generally, I feel like I “own” my business more -- I now realize how much I was disconnected before. I was just going through the motions hoping that something would fall into my lap, whereas now I am actively taking steps and am making changes so that I can see and actively experience the success that I desire!”

- Emily Socha,


Additional Bonuses to make BCA extra sweet...

Clarity Interview

Audio recording of the exact questions I begin all of my 1x1 coaching session with to bring you an instant does of Business Clarity


Guided visualization to help you define your clear vision and align your mindset with it


Take stock of where you're starting from so you can clearly track your remarkable (accelerated!) progress


Master the art of feel-good sales conversations that convert more high-end clients and leave both you and your prospect feeling great + excited to work together

I've spent over $25,000 on coaching & trainings...

I remember the very first time I invested in myself and my business. It was a BIG step for me to take, and it felt totally outside of my comfort zone. But, after seeing the results I got from it, I was hooked. I realized that EVERY SINGLE TIME I made a gesture that showed I valued MYSELF, the investment would come back to me multi-fold. Works like magic.

Plus, if you choose to invest in YOURSELF by enrolling in Business Clarity Accelerator, you'll not only be setting yourself to reach new business milestones in 2017 and beyond, but you'll also benefit from my $25K worth of experience. Now, that sounds like a solid investment to me :-)

FAQ about BCA

I just started my business, Is BCA right for me?

Business Clarity Accelerator is meant to increase the momentum in your business and fast-track your success -- especially if you're in the beginning stages. BCA is ideal for women in the first 2 years of their businesses who feel stuck, unclear and like they're not seeing the results they desire (and that they see other people getting in their industry). If you want to get your first (or next) clients with more ease than ever before and hit new milestones in your business (like your first $5K, $10K or $20K month!), this program was designed for you.

I'm Still Really Unclear about my Business, Will BCA Help?

Yes! That is precisely why BCA was created -- to help you clearly define your business, who you serve and how you help them. Whether you have too many ideas or are drawing a blank as to what it is that you "really" do, Business Clarity Accelerator will walk you step by step through the process of finding, achieving and maintaining Business Clarity so that you can streamline your efforts, channel your focus + energy to the most effective places and fast track your success.

What's the Format of BCA?

Business Clarity Accelerator is a 6 week live (and intimate) group coaching program. Every week you'll receive a Clarity Lesson that includes an on-demand audio teaching, action sheets, resources and fillable templates. Every week there will also be a LIVE group Q&A call with Cailen where you can bring your questions and receive 1x1 coaching. BCA is designed to bring you the very best of both 1x1 support and group accountability. When you enroll in BCA, you also get LIFETIME access to a private, members-only Facebook Group for masterminding, collaboration and feedback.

Will BCA Work for Me?

While there are no guarantees when it comes to programs like this (or life for that matter!), I can say that previous clients who have moved through BCA have experienced major wins (like landing new clients while in the program!) and truly remarkable results (like selling high-end packages during BCA which more than covered their investment), as you can see from the testimonials on this page!

As with anything, you get out what you put in. If you commit to this program, complete your work, and make the most of the support and accountability available to you, I have no doubt that you will experience a real transformation during your time in BCA.


All calls are recorded so that you can save them and listen back.

Every week during BCA you'll receive an email on Monday morning that delivers that week's Clarity Lesson. Also, you'll have access to an exclusive members-only page where all the call recordings, action sheets, resources, fillable templates and bonuses will be available to you.

How is BCA different from other programs?

Unlike many other group coaching programs that run for months and months and cost multiple thousands of dollars, BCA is designed to be a Business Clarity Accelerator, first and foremost. That means all the lessons, course materials and resources have been carefully curated to deliver you the absolute most Clarity while still honoring and taking into account your life and business beyond the program. Simply put, BCA will deliver more results in just 6 weeks than most entrepreneurs see in a year. If you like quick results, the feeling of Business Clarity and unstoppable momentum to get you more clients and making more money than ever before fast, this program is for you.


Business Clarity is knowing exactly who you are as a business leader, what you offer & why, and who you offer it to. It's feeling the cohesion and relatedness of everything you do, create, think and say. It's the synthesis of all that you are right now and all that you're becoming. It's that amazing feeling of knowing that you're on the absolute right track for you and believing in your inevitable success.

Everything shifts when you have Business Clarity. Your business expands, your confidence increases, the ideas flow, you feel more at ease than ever before, you love your work and who you're working with, opportunities come knocking, clients flow in and you hit new milestones in your business, like your first $5K, $10K or even $20K month! Essentially, Business Clarity brings you into alignment with what you're truly meant to be doing on this planet -- and that's what life is all about :-)


I do my very best to select a weekly time for our live group call that works well for as many BCAers as possible. But, if you ever miss a call, all calls are recorded so you can listen back, and you can pre-submit your questions via our private Facebook Group, and I'll answer them first on the call.


You can either choose to pay in full (a 1-time investment of $1297), or you can choose 3 monthly payments of $447.

Upon payment, you'll receive immediate access to the BCA bonuses, so you can dive in right away!


BCA Winter 2017 is open for enrollment January 4th - January 12th.

(There are only 20 spots available and Early Incentive Bonuses which expire daily, so the sooner you enroll the better!)

The Winter 2017 program begins with Clarity Lesson 1 on Monday, January 16th. 

"Talent can't be taught, and Cailen absolutely has a natural talent for supporting others in crafting clear visions, seeing what's blocking them, and mapping out the plan to get there.  Many coaches struggle with the planning and systems aspects of business, and that's where Cailen's dedication and natural talents merge, in support of their greatest success."

- Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach

Cailen + Her Coaching Have been FEATURED In


Get the Business Clarity you need to go from Stuck to Unstoppable in just 6 weeks!

Weekly Clarity Lesson

Audio teachings, action sheets, resources, fillable templates and must-have resources

Weekly Q&A Calls

Live group coaching call to get 1x1 feedback about your business

Private Facebook Group

Lifetime access to a members-only Facebook Group where you'll receive support and accountability during BCA and continued masterminding and collaboration afterwards!

Personalized Feedback

This is an intimate group program of 20 women, which means you have the opportunity to have my eyes on your business and receive personalized coaching from me.



If you get just one new client or sell one package, your investment in Business Clarity Accelerator could be covered!

And, I've had women in Business Clarity Accelerator land multiple clients and sell multiple packages during BCA or within just weeks of completing.

Thanks to my work in BCA, I've landed two awesome new clients, both of whom signed up for my longest package!! I'm really loving my work and the first client has used words like "life-changing, outstanding, invaluable and priceless" to describe her first sessions.

- Nicola Brown, Efficiency Coach

The strategies covered in Business Clarity Accelerator are the same ones my 1x1 clients pay $6,500+ for!

Let's get you Business Clarity, shall we?!

Doors close at 11:59pm PT on January 12th or Sooner if the Program fills to the 20 person capacity.

IMPORTANT: Early Incentive Bonuses expire daily, so the sooner the enroll the better!

One-time Payment of $1297

3 Monthly Payments of $447

When you enroll, you agree to these Terms of Service.

Cailen is super supportive & clear and very generous with her time. BCA has been incredibly clarifying. If you do the work, you can get so much out of it! 

- Beth Tascione, Yoga Teacher + Reiki Master

My biggest win through the Business Accelerator was being able to identify what exactly my business is. I was able to move out of the “expensive hobby” stage of my business and really start speaking to my ideal clients. I honestly shutter to think of where I would be now without Business Accelerator! It has completely changed my life and my business. 

Before my business looked jumbled -- my offerings were too complicated, my client wasn’t defined, and I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to take things. After Business Accelerator, my business is totally different. I now have simple, defined packages, a clear brand, and am able to target my ideal client confidently. 

Cailen has taught me not only how to center my business but to also have fun with it. When we approach our business with a mindset of abundance, anything is possible!

- Elise Crawford, Digital Marketing Consultant

I can hardly begin to say how awesome the Business Clarity Accelerator was for me! 

Prior to working with Cailen, I was - quite frankly - lost. I felt uninspired and drained by the business that I had built. Although I had created something which looked very successful on the outside, it didn't feel that way to me, and I was considering giving up.

Coming in contact with Cailen has changed all of that. My vision for my life (and how I want my business to fit within that) is so much clearer. I now have confidence that I can transform my skills, passions and expertise into services which truly inspire and serve my tribe - while living a lifestyle I LOVE!

- Nicola Brown, Efficiency Coach

Let's get you Business Clarity, shall we?!


IMPORTANT: Early Incentive Bonuses expire daily, so the sooner the enroll the better!

One-time Payment of $1297

3 Monthly Payments of $447


Have questions that weren't answered on this page?

Simply reach out to hello [at] cailenascher [dot] com, and we'll happily answer any questions that would be helpful to you and assist you in making the best possible decision for you at this time.

Or, if you'd prefer to talk in-person, you can schedule a time to chat with Cailen about the program and what it could offer you here.


When you enroll, you agree to these Terms of Service.