Let the Mindset Reset begin!

Hi there!

I’m so excited to have you joining me in the Mindset Reset Challenge!

Below, I've included everything you need to know in order to get the most out of the challenge. (You'll also receive all this info via email, too.)

(1) Commit to moving through all 5 days of the challenge. The only way see the biggest benefit is to move through the entire process with an open mind. Click here for INSTANT access :-)

(2) Join the Clarity Crew Facebook Group -- that's where all the good stuff for the challenge will be going down :-)

(3) Get yourself a beautiful, new journal or grab an old favorite which you can use during the challenge to record your insights, ah-has and wins!

(4) For each of the 5 days of the Mindset Reset Challenge, you'll receive an email from me with that day's audio teaching. After listening to that, you'll be asked to complete your work in your journal and then share your takeaways in the Facebook Group. Super simple. Super effective. Click here for INSTANT access to the first Mindset Reset teachings.


Here’s what we’ll be diving into during the Mindset Reset Challenge...

DAY 1 - Create Your Vision
You’ll define 10 essentials elements of your vision of success so that you can align all of your efforts with it.

DAY 2 - Identify Your Mindset Blocks
Together, we’ll uncover your most prevalent Mindset Blocks that are keeping you stuck and getting in the way of your personal and professional success.

DAY 3 - Develop Your Positive Pep Talk
Create a powerful positive pep talk to help you re-pattern your negative thought patterns and plant the seeds for change and growth.

DAY 4 - Act As If
Learn how to start living and acting as your most successful, powerful, authentic self right now.

DAY 5 - Have a Rampage of Appreciation
You’ll uncover all the ways you’re already living your dream life and experiencing success right now so that you can set yourself to bring in more and more fulfillment, happiness and success.

Let's get started!