Money Clarity

Expand your Money Mindset, Clear your Money Blocks + Make More Money than ever before!

If you ever...

  • Feel totally stressed about investing in your business
  • Feel anxiety bubble up every time you have a sales conversations
  • Struggle to bring in consistent income in your business
  • Cringe when an unexpected expense arrives
  • Hear a little voice in your head telling you "that's too expensive" when you go to buy something
  • Feel guilty about spending money (especially on yourself)
  • Experience more lack than abundance
  • Feel like other successful entrepreneurs have something "figured out" that you don't yet know

The way out has to do with just ONE thing:

your Money Mindset

When this concept was first introduced to me, I didn't even realize my Money Mindset was so out-of-whack -- probably because it's so common! 

But, when I made improving my Money Mindset a priority, everything shifted. It enabled me to take my business from barely scraping by in the summer of 2015 to bringing in over $23K in February 2016 and then crossing the 6-figure mark 8 months later!  

With the Money Clarity self-study program you will learn how to...

Expand your Money Mindset
Clear your Money Blocks
Make More Money than ever before in your business

Inside, you'll find 3 essential Money Lessons

Each with a 40 min audio training + comprehensive fillable PDF workbook

Lesson 1 - Money Mindset

  • Define the Vivid Vision you have for your life + business
  • Uncover the specific Money Blocks that are keeping you from achieving your Vivid Vision so you can start to move beyond them

Lesson 2 - Money Confidence

  • Learn how to own your innate value the true worthiness
  • Reset your Money Mindset & move beyond your blocks for good
  • Uncover your Money Associations and which ones are & aren’t serving you
  • Learn how to give yourself a Money Pep Talk to release your money fears

Lesson 3 - Money Flow

  • Learn the best Money Flow Practices for you to get more money flowing into your life + business
  • Move through Money Flow exercises that will serve as valuable go-to tools are you continue to practice with these concepts
  • Discover the tricks of maintaining a Wealthy Mindset
  • Uncover your very best Money-Making Ideas
  • Learn the art of Perfect Pricing for your services and offerings
  • Get a glimpse at your Money Future!

Plus these Bonuses...

  • The Money Clarity Book + Resource List
  • Future Self Visualization
  • Sales Clarity Bonus Training
  • And... a Money Clarity Checklist to track your progress!

What you can expect from Money Clarity...

  • Money Clarity is a self-study program, which means as soon as your purchase is complete, you'll get INSTANT access to the entire program!

  • You'll learn 3 essential Money Lessons, each of which includes a 40 minute audio recorded by me as well as a 20+ page workbook to help you implement the teachings immediately.

  • There are amazing bonuses, including a Money Clarity Book + Resource List which lists my favorite materials that helped me totally transform my Money Mindset, a Future Self Visualization to help you align with your true worthiness, and a Money Clarity Checklist to help you track your progress!

  • Plus, I've included a Sales Clarity Bonus Training to help you master the art of feel-good sales conversations.

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“I am so incredibly pleased, proud and humbled to be part of your world. I have literally sobbed down the motorway this evening. When you asked in Money Clarity, “why would the universe give you more money when you keep saying you’re bad with money?!”, I just broke down. I’ve struggled with debt for nigh on 15 years now. To finally find something that moves that complete and total block....I don’t really have the words at the moment. Suffice to say, thank you. Much love. From a happy, tearful place now.”
- Els Pontin, Creative Coach for Entrepreneurs

What life looks like AFTER finding Money Clarity...

  • Hitting new income milestones like celebrating your first $5K, $10K or even $20K+ month!
  • Getting on track for your first 6-figure year!!!
  • Raising your prices (and feeling totally aligned with it)
  • Deeply knowing, understanding and living your true value every single day in life + business
  • Feeling liberated of your chronic money worries
  • No longer thinking "I shouldn't buy that" when you're out shopping
  • Investing in yourself and your business without feeling guilty
  • Enjoying money instead of stressing about it
  • Making more money than ever before!


“Thanks to Money Clarity, I realized how much my mindset surrounding money was holding me back from charging more, doing more, and essentially making what I was worth. I realize that I not only need to take action in regards to obtaining more clients in order to be successful, but also in charging what is appropriate for my services. Thanks for MC, I’m getting aligned with my true worth and then taking the necessary steps to implement that pricing structure. Loved this program! It was definitely an area that I needed to dive into!”
- Emily Socha, Success Coach for Ambitious Introverts

By investing in yourself, you’re giving back!

$5 of every sale will be donated to The MicroLoan Foundation

The MicroLoan Foundation helps some of the poorest women in the world receive small business loans and on-going business training so that they can set-up their own self-sustaining businesses and move themselves and their families out of poverty.

If you're not seeing the business success you desire, your relationship with money is Likely standing in The way.

That is precisely why I packaged up everything that helped me improve my money mindset and take my business from broke to 6-figures into a self-study program to help you do the same.

Money Clarity is yours for just



$5 of every sale will be donated to The MicroLoan Foundation which helps some of the poorest women in the world escape poverty by providing them with small business loans to start their own self-sustaining businesses and on-going business training.