You’re currently in the

Doing Phase! 

You know you’re here if:

At this point, you’ve started taking action on your dream only to realize that to-dos give birth to more to-dos. You’re on a roller coaster ride. One moment at a high when a new client or project succeeds, then at a complete low when something flops.

Your business and your income feel unsteady and unpredictable and you often ask yourself, will it always be like this? Another problem that can arise in this phase is entrepreneurial loneliness as you start to realize that many of your family and friends don’t really get what you’re trying to do.

To get to the next phase - FLOWING:

Don’t let shiny objects distract you and find your sisterhood! 

It’s really easy in the Doing Phase to constantly question yourself and your business, wondering if something else would be more successful faster. Finding your community will enable you to recognize this period for what it is -- just a phase -- and enable you to connect with mentors and like-minded women who get you, what you’re trying to build and understand how tough it can be sometimes.

The Get Clients Challenge is the perfect next step for you!

During this free mini-challenge, we’ll be focusing in on specific strategies for bringing in your next (or first!) client at lightening speed. Plus we’ll be connecting inside the 3-Day Workweek Facebook Group daily, which will be the perfect opportunity to find your newest biz besties + build community!

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