You’re currently in the

Dreaming Phase! 

You know you’re here if:

Currently, you have no or very inconsistent income, but that’s totally OK because the possibilities feel endless and expansive. You’re totally excited and in love with your idea and you feel the bigness of it in a completely uplifting, inspiring way.

Every day delivers you new ideas, new excitement, new energy. You almost don’t want to move into “Doing” because right now feels so very good.

To get to the next phase - Doing:

Start taking action on something! Anything!!

In order to progress on to the Doing Phase (and start making some $$$), you need to apply that surplus of enthusiasm and energy you’re feeling now toward action steps to move you forward.

The Get Clients Challenge is the perfect next step for you!

During this free mini-challenge, we’ll be focusing in on specific strategies for bringing in your next (or first!) client at lightening speed. Click the button below for more information + to sign up! We start on Monday, October 21, 2019!