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"Talent can't be taught, and Cailen absolutely has a natural talent for supporting others in crafting clear visions, seeing what's blocking them, and mapping out the plan to get there.  Many coaches struggle with the planning and systems aspects of business, and that's where Cailen's dedication and natural talents merge, in support of their greatest success."

- Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach,

“I got 10 new clients in the week following my first session with of them literally within a couple hours after my session with her. Working with Cailen has been truly transformational for me.”

- Noleen Sliney,

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“Cailen is a gifted coach. She’s been removing the word “stuck” from women’s vocabulary for years and this truly is her zone of genius. If you’re a smart, ambitious and multi-passionate women who’s lacking in direction and clarity, you need to work with Cailen. She’s brilliant and will get you clear on your vision, your mindset and your plan.”

- Janelle Ladewig, Success Coach,

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"Cailen is a beacon of organization, clarity and focus. The franticness and overwhelm that so many aspiring entrepreneurs experience is out the window in a flash, under Cailen's ultra-calm, laser-sharp and capable guidance."

- Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Business Strategist,

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Within a few weeks of starting my work with Cailen, I landed a dream client paying me $1000 a week for my consulting services!”

- Hannah Chelsey, New Parent Coach,


I love how clear the value prop is here. Cailen is a working mom, and she knows what her people want — a thriving, 6 figure business, while ONLY working 3 days a week?? There’s a system for that?! She spells out exactly what her days look like, including a template & task list.
— Fizzle Podcast (in praise of Cailen's 3-Day Workweek Schedule)

You rock, Cailen. Thank you SO much for your coaching. I feel so much clearer about where I'm headed with my business and my life after our conversation! 

- Jennifer Ball, Success Strategist, 

She Means Business Podcast   with Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association

She Means Business Podcast with Carrie Green, founder of Female Entrepreneur Association

I wasn’t making much progress, nor did I have much clarity, in my business before working with Cailen. I was putting in a lot of time but not seeing income or other results. Now, I am experiencing progress, have improved my mindset, started to earn income and have SO much more clarity about my journey, my purpose and what I am here on this earth to do. What has shifted for me is my belief. Without believing it’s possible, no amount of effort will make things happen. I now have: belief that it’s possible, belief that I’m capable of succeeding, belief that because this is what I’m here to do, it can be fun and enjoyable; and belief that I’m worth charging an amount that allows me to make more than enough money without working constantly - all a TREMENDOUS shift in my mindset, thanks to Cailen. She is an exemplary leader. I cannot recommend her more highly!

- Emily Herrick, Yoga Teacher,

I feel totally laser focused in my energy, time and efforts towards my big goal. I feel it has made a HUGE difference; as I am so clear who I'm targeting. This laser focus landed me 2 big projects.

- Vidhi Sohdi,

I feel like during these two weeks I have grown by leaps and bounds. I just got off the phone with a possible client, and by the end of the conversation we felt like we had known each other forever. It feels so great to rock these calls. I have had 5 discovery calls since our last session, and each person has agreed they want to work with me! People are blown away by how much they get out of the sessions and are ready to work with me.  

- Nancy Popkin,

“After working with Cailen, I have the concrete, actionable steps I need to take to move my business forward in a BIG way. Before I had a few vague ideas, but I would have wasted a ton of time on things that didn’t matter!” 

- Sarah Gage,


Cailen is energetic and well-spoken, a great listener and communicator. After working with Cailen, I now have a clear understanding of who I want to work with and how to attract them to my business. I’ve defined my “why” and how to communicate it clearly. I now know how to communicate with “my woman."

- Amanda Guld,

I learn from the best…

These are just 2 of the amazing women I have had the privilege of working with over the last few years.


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