Welcome to the 3-Day Workweek Self-Study Toolbox!


High-end clients are the KEY to 3-day workweeks and 6-figure years. In the Attract High-End Clients mini-course, you'll learn how to find, enroll and consistently maintain high-end clients in your business.


If you're struggling to make money in your business, I can almost guarantee that your money blocks are holding you back. With the Money Clarity self-study program, you'll expand your Money Mindset, clear your Money Blocks + learn how to make more money than ever before (even if you're working less hours)!

Create Your Model Calendar $247

Ready to design the Model Calendar for your Ideal Workweek? Use this petite course to set up a perfect-for-you schedule that enhances work-life harmony. Complete with fillable templates, a step-by-step audio guide and an inside look at my 3-Day Workweek Calendar, too!


6 week self-study experience that will deliver you the foundational business elements you need to radically increase your business momentum and define your clear path to success. Perfect for new entrepreneurs who want to set things up right from the start so that they can work LESS, make MORE and live BETTER.