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Not long ago, I was right where you are...

Which is why I know that right now, you're dreaming of a successful business + fulfilling lifestyle, but you feel unclear how to make either of those happen. You're questioning yourself, your abilities, your dreams.

When you first dreamt up your business, you were on fire -- totally lit up with ideas and motivation -- but after one too many roadblocks and slow-going success, you’re starting to question if you’ll ever “get there”.

You have this deep-seated sense that something’s missing, and you know that when that piece is in place, things will take off.  And you’re absolutely right.

The ONE THING you need -- the linchpin to your success -- is Business Clarity.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve experienced, first hand, the life-changing before & after of Business Clarity.



  • 7 years of (painful) serial entrepreneurship. 
  • Always questioning myself and my abilities. 
  • Working A LOT but seeing few results.
  • Always wondering when things would take off. 
  • Feeling like a failure who was ready to give up.
  • Making just $22.50 in July of 2015.


  • Clear, focused, feel-good plan of inspired action.
  • Confidence, a mindset of success and CLARITY by the boatloads.
  • Having $30K+ launches.
  • Bringing in close to 5-figures every month.
  • Working just 3 days/week.
  • Being interviewed for Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire & dozens of other podcasts.
  • Having a waitlist of perfect-for-me clients.
  • Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

As a Clarity Coach, I’ve seen this dramatic before & after play out for my clients, too, and I can tell you this this with 100% confidence, 
NOTHING feels better or delivers bigger wins than Business Clarity.

“I got 10 new clients in the week following my first session with of them literally within a couple hours after my session with her. Working with Cailen has been truly transformational for me.”

- Noleen Sliney,

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Let’s get you the CLARITY you need to create the life & business of your dreams! It’s possible.

Let CLARITY lead the way.

If you’ve always dreamed of...

  • Getting to the next level in your business & hitting new income goals like your first $5K, $10K or multiple 5-figure month

  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else in your industry

  • Getting interviewed on top podcasts + featured in popular industry publications

  • Having a solid formula for your first 6-figure year!

  • Working less and making more (hello, 3 day workweeks!)

  • Defining a clear vision of where you’re heading

  • Finally overcoming the mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck

  • Identifying, finding & engaging your perfect-for-you clients

  • Increasing business confidence exponentially

  • Mapping out your future plan for growth + revenue

  • Creating must-have services, products & programs that sell themselves

  • Refining your core message, title & tagline

  • Getting your first or next clients

  • Increasing visibility and positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your industry

  • Escaping the “feast or famine” cycle of constantly looking for clients

  • Having a wait list of perfect-for-clients

  • Mastering the art of feel-good sales conversations

  • Elevating your wealth consciousness

  • Making consistent money in your business

  • Having the time + money to do things you love like travel, go out to dinner, attend weekly yoga classes, buy yourself nice clothes or get a massage!

...CLARITY can unlock all that for you!

“While working one-on-one with Cailen, I landed a perfect-for-me client paying me $1000 a week for my services!!!"

- Hannah Chelsey, New Parent Coach,


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Clarity Interview

Cailen’s signature Clarity Interview process to clearly identify the precise areas that will be most effective to focus on. (Inquiry always brings Clarity -- often clients have major ah-has during this initial session!)

4 months 1x1 with Cailen

4 months of coaching, support and accountability to align with true Clarity. Sessions are held bi-weekly (8 sessions total) via phone and are 45 minutes in length.

Extensive Clarity Packet

To get clear on exactly where you are NOW and exactly where you want to go so that we can co-create the most effective customized coaching experience possible.

Clear Proposal

Based upon your Clarity Interview + Clarity Packet, Cailen will develop a bespoke proposal for your sessions based upon your specific needs.

Inspired Action Plan

You'll receive call notes and recordings from all sessions, including outlines, action plans and resources -- all typed-up and clearly organized to deliver you true and lasting Clarity.

Clarity Portal

Members-only portal just for Cailen's 1x1 clients with additional tools, teachings and supplemental materials that will facilitate the Clarifying process.

Must-Have Resources

Additionally, you’ll receive specialized resources and action sheets specifically selected for you to ensure that you get the most out of your 1x1 coaching.

Private Facebook Group

Access to the private, members-only Facebook Group just for True Clarity 1x1 clients. In the company of the other women of True Clarity, you'll receive insight, support and additional accountability from Cailen and the other members.
"Cailen is energetic and well-spoken, a great listener and communicator. After working with Cailen, I now have a clear understanding of who I want to work with and how to attract them to my business. I’ve defined my “why” and how to communicate it clearly. I now know how to communicate with “my woman."

- Amanda Guld,

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Let's do this!

I feel like during these two weeks I have grown by leaps and bounds. I just got off the phone with a possible client, and by the end of the conversation we felt like we had known each other forever. It feels so great to rock these calls. I have had 5 discovery calls since our last session, and each person has agreed they want to work with me! People are blown away by how much they get out of the sessions and are ready to work with me.

- Nancy Popkin,

Your Clarity Coaching will cover…

Coaching is tailored to meet your needs, based on your Clarity Interview + Clarity Packet.

  • Clear Vision
  • Success Mindset
  • Client Clarity
  • Wealth Consciousness
  • Brand Clarity
  • Inspired Action Plan
  • Defining Your Differentiating Factor
  • Strategic Growth + Revenue Planning
  • Signature Success Style
  • Your Perfect Positioning
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Packages + Pricing
  • Identifying + Targeting Your Perfect-For-You Clients
  • Growing Your Community
  • Selling With Confidence


It’s time to get the Clarity you need to create the life & business of your dreams!


4 months of 1x1 coaching including...

8 bi-weekly sessions
Call notes + clear action plans
Session recordings
members-only Clarity Portal
Private Facebook Group

Get on the waitlist.

Let's do this!

“Cailen is a gifted coach. She’s been removing the word “stuck” from women’s vocabulary for years and this truly is her zone of genius. If you’re a smart, ambitious and multi-passionate women who’s lacking in direction and clarity, you need to work with Cailen. She’s brilliant and will get you clear on your vision, your mindset and your plan.” 

- Janelle Ladewig, Success Coach,

"I did exactly what we talked about in our 1st session, and I now have another client - woo-hoo! Plus another two women have emailed me and one of those has set up a consultation call for next week. The strategy we discussed worked like a charm - thanks so much!"

- Nicola Brown, Efficincy Coach