Vivid Vision Planbook

Transform your Big vision into a clear plan

Do you ever...

  • Feel like your vision for your life + business is so BIG that it's impossible to try to figure out the right next steps to take
  • Feel like you're "playing small" and not living up to your full potential
  • Feel like you can't focus (and don't know where you should)
  • Struggle to decipher which business ideas are fantastic and which ones are dead-ends
  • Feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which business tasks are the most important to work on right now
  • Feel like you don't know what you need to do to get to where you want to go (but you want to get there so badly!)
  • Wish there was a clear, ease-full way to transform your boldest dreams into inspired, feel-good ACTION
  • Dream of having a step-by-step customized plan to create success on YOUR terms

That means It's Time for the:

Vivid Vision Planbook!

Want to transform your BIG Vision into a Clear Plan of action?  The Vivid Vision Planbook is the ticket.

If you want to create success on your terms -- I'm talking 3 day workweeks, 6-figure years and building an amazing lifestyle + business that you're totally in LOVE with -- get ready.

This planbook can change everything for you. 


With the Vivid Vision Planbook You will...

Flesh our your BIG Vision in more detail than ever before
Transform that BIG Vision into a clear, step-by-step plan of action to create success on your terms

Inside The Vivid Vision Planbook you'll find...

30+ Page Planbook

  • 30+ pages of prompts, questions and exercises that help you define your vision with more clarity than ever before followed by strategic advice, templates, tools and techniques to support you in transforming your vision into a clear plan of action.

Audio Guide

  • 15 minute audio guide to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your planbook experience 

Part 1 Vision

  • Define the Vision you hold for your life and business in more detail than ever before. 

Part 2 PLan

  • Here you'll use your Vivid Vision as inspiration to craft a clear, feel-good plan of inspired action. If you’ve stalled out before wondering how to translate the feeling of your Vision of success into action, the 2nd half of this planbook will help you tremendously.
  • Learn the exact strategies, tools, techniques and templates I use when translating any Vision I have into clear, inspired action.

Plus these INClusions...

  • The Future Self Guided Visualization to help you with Part 1 of the planbook.
  • Access to my 3 Day Workweek Guide to inspire you as you develop your ideal schedule in Part 2 of the planbook.




What you can expect from the Vivid Vision Planbook...

  • The Vivid Vision Planbook is a self-paced experience, which means as soon as your purchase is complete, you'll get INSTANT access to both your planbook and audio guide!

  • You'll receive your downloadable 30+ planbook complete with audio guide and special inclusions like a Future Self Guided Visualization and 3 Day Workweek Guide to help you implement the teachings immediately.

  • Learn my exact system for transforming my BIG vision into a clear, step-by-step action plan that enables me to work just 3 days a week and enjoy 6-figure years!

  • Why a planbook? Because I've seen (and signed-up for) too many online trainings that have rambling modules with hours and hours of trainings and endless worksheets. They're packed with "stuff" instead of value. This planbook is the exact opposite. Streamlined. Actionable. And, value-packed!




What life is like AFTER The Vivid Vision Planbook...

  • Having a clear, step-by-step plan to create success on YOUR terms
  • Working LESS and making (and living!) more (hello, 3-day workweek + 4 day weekends!)
  • Feeling totally clear about how to achieve your boldest dreams and biggest desires
  • Hitting new milestones in your business like launching your new program, enrolling new clients or hitting your 1st 5-figure month!
  • Feeling focused on on track, instead of bouncing from one "good idea" to the next
  • Getting on track for your first 6-figure year and creating the success you desire
  • Having more time to grow your business instead of just slogging through the daily grind
  • Feeling truly purpose-full and ease-full for the first time!



Lack of focus holding you back?
Need a clear, step-by-step plan of action?

The Vivid Vision Planbook Can Shift Everything for you!

Thanks to the methodology I’m sharing with you in the Vivid Vision Planbook, I was able to cross the 6-figure mark in my business in just 10 months while working just 3 days a week. Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

Creating a business you adore while living a fulfilling life that you love can be your reality, too, but you first have to discover how to transform your biggest dreams and boldest desires into clear action steps.

The Vivid Vision Planbook will teach you how to do exactly that.

The Vivid Vision Planbook is yours for just