Business Clarity Accelerator


Your Step-By-Step Plan for Business Growth

Business Clarity = More Clients + More $$$

If you’re currently struggling with...

  • Getting to the next level & having your first $5K, $10K or $20K month
  • Defining a clear vision of where you’re heading
  • Overcoming mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Identifying, finding & engaging your perfect-for-you clients
  • Lack of business confidence
  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else in your industry
  • Mapping out your future plan for growth + revenue
  • Creating must-have services and products that sell themselves
  • Refining your core message, title & tagline
  • Getting your first or next clients
  • Mastering the art of feel-good sales conversations
  • Elevating your wealth consciousness
  • Making consistent money in your business

Everything above is a symptom of lack of Business Clarity.

Business Clarity will transform your life + business.

I’ve experienced, first hand, the life-changing before & after of Business Clarity.



  • 7 years of (painful) serial entrepreneurship. 
  • Always questioning myself and my abilities. 
  • Working A LOT but seeing few results.
  • Always wondering when things would take off. 
  • Worrying about money, a lot.
  • Making just $22.50 in July of 2015.


  • Clear, focused, feel-good plan of inspired action.
  • Confidence, a mindset of success and CLARITY by the boatloads.
  • $10K, $30K $50K+ launches.
  • 5-figure months.
  • Working just 3 days/week.
  • 6-figure years.
  • No longer worrying about money & feeling truly abundant in ALL ways.
  • Being interviewed for Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire & dozens of other podcasts and tele-summits.
  • Being invited into high level masterminds with industry leaders.
  • Ease galore, hustle no more :-)

As a Clarity Coach, I’ve seen this dramatic before & after play out for my clients, too, and I can tell you this this with 100% confidence, 
NOTHING feels better or delivers bigger wins than Business Clarity.

What’s Included in Business Clarity Accelerator SELF-STUDY…

  • 6 Comprehensive Clarity Lessons:

    • Audio trainings

    • Extensive action sheets

    • Checklists to keep you on track

    • Resource sheets, bonus PDFs, swipe copy and fillable templates

  • GrouP CALL ArChive

    • Access to a library of recorded group calls so you can listen back and benefit from a community dynamic, but on your own time + at your own pace


    • Future Self Visualization to align with your highest self
    • Clarity Interview Audio to discover your purpose + mission
    • Sales Clarity Training to master the art of feel-good sales conversations
    • Business Clarity Questionnaire to track your remarkable progress
  • Community Support

    • Private Facebook Group just for Business Clarity Accelerator members where you can mastermind, receive additional support, find accountability partners and connect with Cailen
  • Other Benefits...

    • Work at your own pace

    • Less than ½ the investment of Business Clarity Accelerator Live

    • Lifetime access to all course materials


If you’ve always dreamed of...

  • Having a clearly defined, successful business doing what you love
  • Working with perfect-for-you clients + changing their lives for the better
  • Speaking about your business with Clarity and confidence
  • Knowing your innate value and charging what you’re worth
  • Living a fulfilling lifestyle of ease and abundance
  • Crafting a clear and memorable brand that resonates with your perfect-for-you clients
  • Working LESS and making MORE (hello 3-day workweeks & 6-figure years!)
  • Feeling in the flow of your life, rather than struggling against the current
  • A life of freedom to enjoy things you love like travel, mid-day yoga classes and plenty of time with family and friends
  • Getting clients with ease
  • Having plenty of money for the perks of life like dinners out, new clothes that make you feel fantastic, relaxing (unplugged!) vacations, regular mani/pedis and massages, spontaneous weekends away, and other indulgences
  • Making $5K, $10K or even $20K in a month
  • Having a 6-figure business built upon your clear strengths that impacts others in profound and life-changing ways
  • Having true + lasting Clarity about who you are, what you stand for and how you can uniquely improve the world

...CLARITY can unlock all that for you!


Other Self-Study programs are multiple months long + cost multiple thousands of dollars...

Business Clarity Accelerator is just that...accelerated.

What most programs take months and months to cover, I've distilled down into a streamlined 6 lesson experience that delivers BIG wins in a fraction of the time...and for a fraction of the price. If you're ready to set yourself up for more clients + more money right NOW (not in 6 months!), then Business Clarity Accelerator is the ticket :-)

Imagine having your biggest business goals accomplished or in the works in the next 6 weeks!
It's possible when you say YES to Business Clarity Accelerator.






Lesson 1

Vision Clarity

Define your clear vision
Uncover 25 essential elements of your BIG Vision
Discover your Signature Success Style

Lesson 2

Mindset Clarity 

Align your mindset with success
Uncover the storylines that are holding you back
Develop a personalized Mindset Practice 
Remove the mindset blocks that are stifling your success

Lesson 3 

Client Clarity

Identify & engage with your perfect-for-you clients
Learn who they are, what they want & precisely where to find them

Lesson 4

Confidence Clarity

Build true business confidence & own what you’re doing

Find your Zone of Genius & learn how to operate there on a daily basis

Discover your Business Confidence Model to unlock your potential

Lesson 5 


Create breathtaking services & products your clients must-have
Refine your Core Message, Tagline & Title
Create a compelling opt-in
Start a simple client experience funnel that draws the right clients to you

Lesson 6

Money Clarity

Learn how to make more money than ever before & hit new milesones like your first $5K, $10K or $20K month
Master your authentic, feel-good Sales Conversation
Elevate your Wealth Consciousness & define your Perfect Pricing
Live your true value every day & feel truly worthy of success

Additional Resources [valued at over $250]...

BCA - Bonus - Group Coaching Call Archive.jpg


Access to a library of recorded group calls so you can listen back and benefit from a community dynamic, but on your own time + at your own pace. These contain hours of coaching, Q+A and insights from your fellow BCA Students + Alumni.

[value $100+]

BCA - Bonus - Future Self Visualization.jpg


Audio meditation + guidebook to help you visualize your ideal future self

[value $25]


A guided audio interview that will help you discover your purpose + mission

[value $25]

BCA - Bonus - Sales Clarity Training.jpg


Master the art of feel-good sales conversations and start converting new leads to long-time clients.

[value $100]





The strategies covered in Business Clarity Accelerator Self-Study are the same ones my 1x1 clients pay $6,500+ for!

Ready for Business Clarity Accelerator Self-Study?


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