3 Simple Things to Stop Self-Sabotage in Business + Life

When I look back over the 7 looong years that I was a struggling entrepreneur, one thing is blatantly obvious. (Thank you 20-20 hindsight.) I was constantly getting in my own way!

I would pursue an idea, not fully believing in it.
I would berate myself with negative self-talk.
I would allow money blocks to stop me from investing and hiring the help I needed.
I would constantly question myself and if I really had what it takes to be a “success”.

Now, on this side of it, I realize that what was stopping me was ME!

That’s a tough realization to come to, but here’s the upside. If you’re the one stopping yourself, it means YOU are in control. The problem is you’re fighting for your limitations instead of working to release them.

If you’re warming up to the idea that YOU might be your own worst frenemy, then here are 3 simple things you can do, starting today to stop getting in your own way.

  1. Bring awareness to it! Yes, seriously, that is the first step. It’s that simple. We first need to recognize that how/when we are getting in our own way before we can start to change that behavior. Awareness creates space. It drives a tiny wedge between the true, steady, authentic you and the negative thoughts in your head. And, once we create that tiny crack, the light can start to get in :-)

  2. Don’t worry about why. Don’t get caught up in trying to figure out why you’re getting in your own way because that just perpetuates it. Instead, focus on moving forward. It starts by choosing thoughts that feel better. Again, super simple. Does it feel really crappy thinking about how little money you have in a bank? Stop dwelling on it! Worrying is like meditating on (or praying for) what you DO NOT want. When you focus on lack, you get more of the same. When you begin to release worry/doubt/negative self-talk/fear, you allow inspiration to enter.

  3. Create a mindset practice. Yes, it would be fabulous if we could address our self-sabotage once, and be done with it forever, but (at least in my case) it doesn’t work like that. That is where a Mindset Practice comes in -- doing small things every day to help support, maintain and expand your limitless mindset. My mindset practice includes morning meditation, daily yoga, reading, listening to inspiring teachings, journaling and positive self-talk throughout the day. Not sure how to get started with your Mindset Practice? I’ve got you covered. Join the free Mindset Reset Challenge here, and you’ll receive 5 daily mini-rituals and easy, feel-good action steps to help you create your own mindset practice.


Here’s to a limitless 2017, free of self-sabotage and overflowing with self-love and feel-good successes.