4 tips to maintain your yoga practice AFTER you start teaching

it's a common occurrence.
we fall in love with yoga. we take 3, 5 maybe even 7 classes a week. we can't get enough!
we love it so much & it's changed our lives so profoundly that we decide to teach. we devote 200+ hours to obtaining our certification and then we start sharing what we love -- yoga.
we take on more classes and more classes and more clients until we realize that what drew us in in the first place -- our personal practice -- is suffering or non-existent.
well, there's no need to fret. i have 4 simple tips that'll help you restore & maintain your yoga practice after you start teaching!
check out the vid below, and then incorporate any (or all!) of the tips i've shared in order to restore some much-needed yoga to your life.

now, i want to hear from you!

has your personal practice suffered or changed since you started teaching? what did you do?