6 essentials for a healthy workspace

as a yogi, i think about my health & well-being a lot.
i can't help it -- i think it kinda gets programmed in when you sign-up for your 200 hrs :-)
i prioritize what i feed myself, how (and how much) i move my body, i try to build some me-time into my day for reading, meditation and/or relaxation (yoga nidra, anyone?), and i, of course, encourage my students to seek balance and well-being in their own lives.
but, there is another space in our lives that also benefits from being healthy -- but we don't always pay it much mind.
our workspaces.
as a solo-preneur, having a healthy workspace that is conducive to creativity and productivity is essential for my sanity and overall well-being.
when my workspace is cluttered, disorganized or interrupted, i know that it wreaks havoc on both me AND my business.
but, if you work-from-home how do you maintain a healthy workspace that also encourages work+life balance?
here's a little glimpse at my top 6 essentials for a healthy, happy and productive workspace -- i hope they can work for you too!

what's one of your essentials for a healthy workspace? share it in the comments below!

p.s. i discovered this cool company for solo-preneurs called WeWork. they maintain gorgeous communal workspaces so that you can be with people + get your work done. kinda cool if you find the whole work-from-home thing a little too lonely sometimes.