A Gift for You - My Favorite Meditation Practice

I promised you last week that I would share more details of my favorite meditation with you.
This is the meditation I do nearly every morning, and it has had a profound impact on me personally and professionally. Some benefits being...feeling all-around happier, more grounded, and more successful, as well as feeling aligned with my creativity, innate potential and purpose.
In short, it’s a winner.
As a pre-holiday gift for you, I want to share this practice which has been so meaningful and transformative for me.
I’ve recorded a version of this meditation for you to enjoy. It’s only 8 minutes in length and will leave you feeling calm, clear and confident in your abilities to become the very best version of yourself both professionally and personally.
Unwrap the Purpose-full Self Meditation HERE.


Meditations work best (as do all personal development tools) when they are practiced.
My suggestion?
Give yourself the gift of 8 minutes of daily calm, quiet time. We ALL can give 8 minutes of time to ourselves. We all have that choice.
From now until the new year, I invite you to sit with me each day. Give yourself that gift! You deserve it.
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Let’s ring in 2016 feeling powerful, purpose-full and full of potential!
With love, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.57.56 AM