all you need is THIS to alleviate mental chaos

do you often feel like you're being pulled in a thousand different directions? and, even when you're working on one task, your mind is ticking through the countless other things you still need to get done?
being in a state of mental chaos (to put it bluntly) sucks.
it's tiring, frustrating and no matter how much you accomplish, it feels like you didn't get quite enough done.
if what i'm talking about here is something you live with or even just deal with occasionally, please know that this is not a "given" state of being for entrepreneurs. just because you may wear 20 different hats as a yogic business owner, doesn't mean you need to feel like you also have 20 different heads all competing for your attention!
but, as with all things, problems don't present themselves with solutions. and, luckily, i have one for you today that'll help you alleviate the mental chaos that's weighing on your mind.
in order to combat mental chaos, you need to have organization!
it makes perfect sense, actually. when your closet is a mess and weighing on your mind, you clear out the clutter, neatly stack your sweaters, line up your shoes and feel 1000% better. same goes for your biz!
today i'm sharing 4 organizational strategies that i personally use to get a handle on my business to-dos and prevent mental chaos from setting in. check out the vid now.

which strategy did you find the most helpful? share it in the comments below!