Asking for Help is a Sign of STRENGTH

Fill in the blank with the first word that pops to mind.
Complete this sentence: Asking for help is a sign of ________________.
Ok, so what was the first word that came up for you?
Was it positive, or negative?
Was the word neutral or charged with emotion?
And, how does that statement make you feel?
For a long, looong time, I felt that asking for help was a sign of weakness. (Just for me, personally, not necessarily for other people.)
In truth, I admired successful business women who would delegate out tasks to their team, and yet I wouldn't even bring in someone to help me with the tasks that I haaated doing (like Facebook Ads).
For others, asking for help was dynamic, powerful, a strength -- for me it was laziness, ineptitude, weakness.
It always came back to the feeling that I should be able to handle/do/create/manage everything myself. And, it was exhausting.
I was a control freak. A perfectionist. And it was stifling my potential. (Ok, so I'm still sometimes those things, but I'm getting much better at handing off the tasks in my life and business that are better suited for someone else.)
You know how they say you keep learning the same lessons again and again until they sink in? Well, that is precisely what happened for me in the area of asking for help -- and it all started with the birth of my beautiful daughter, Leona, back in October 2014.
In this week's lesson, I share my own journey with asking for help and how you, too, can find more space and strength in your own life by asking for the help you desire.

I hope it's helpful! ::wink wink::
With love + admiration, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.57.56 AM
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