biz: 4 creative ways to theme your yoga class

hi there fellow yogis!  if you're anything like me, i like to "theme" my yoga class plans around a topic that i think will engage my students and deepen their practice.  the only thing is, constantly coming up with inspired ideas can be challenging -- especially if you teach several classes a week.  the next time you're in need of some theme inspiration, consider one of these ideas around which you can sequence your class plan. 1. pick a poem -- theming around a poem that speaks to you is a great jumping off point.  one of my personal favorites is mary oliver -- her words are totally inspired and will instantly have you thinking about cool ways to weave them throughout your class.

2. use a quote -- i often rely on others' words to find my own.  i find that using a quote as the backbone of a class is reliable way to find broader themes that i wish to tie in.  (check out this quote bank that i've found useful.)

3. share a story -- look to your own life for ideas -- did you recently encounter a moment when your patience was on trial, were you the recipient of a stranger's gift of compassion, or did you marvel at the beauty of nature as you walked through the park?  share your experience -- your students love hearing about you, so don't be afraid to be yourself with them.

4. study the sutras -- the yoga sutras are the backbone of yoga philosophy.  as teachers, we are often exposed to them in our teacher training, but our students haven't always been privy to the wealth of wisdom they have to offer.  choose one sutra per class, break it down, and have them apply it to their practice.

have other theming ideas?  share them below or on my facebook page -- i'd love to hear them!