biz: 4 ways gratitude can impact your biz (for the better!)

happy thanksgiving!  thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -- it's all about hearth, home, family, friends, and good food -- what more could you ask for, really?! plus, thanksgiving reminds us to slow down and express gratitude for all the wonderful things in our lives -- an exercise that i know i don't do often enough.  but gratitude is a valuable practice not just one day a year, and not just for our personal life, but for our work life as well.  maybe you love your job and it's easy to feel grateful for it -- maybe you don't.  but, the act of expressing gratitude is something that can impact your life and your business in so many ways!

here are just a few ways gratitude can impact your work life...

1. act as if -- even if your job is just a paycheck in your eyes, you can still (and should) cultivate some gratitude.  the more you act thankful for your job, and the paycheck it provides, the more you'll actually feel grateful and notice all the good things it brings into your life.

2. good karma -- the more you thank those around you -- be they colleagues, competitors, or clients -- the more "good karma" you'll receive in return.  when you let others know how much they're appreciated, you'll not only feel good, but you'll enjoy the benefit of what-goes-around-comes-around and find yourself the recipient of other people's kind words, referrals, and more!

3. celebrate the good -- too often, we take for granted all the amazing things in our lives, including our work.  especially if your work is meaningful to you, and something you love doing, celebrate that!  marvel in how awesome it is that you get to do something you love and make money doing it!  how cool is that?!

4. good vibes -- when you express gratitude, you get happier because you're focusing on the good, rather than the bad.  and people are drawn to and like to be around positive people.  so, the more thankful and cheerful you are, the more opportunities you'll draw in with your joyful magnetism.

i encourage you to sit down sometime within the next week and write down all the wonderful things your job or business offers you -- keep the list somewhere convenient and check back and add to it from time to time.  i guarantee it will make you smile -- and impact your work life for the better!