biz: 5 tips to confidently market your yoga business {video}

when i say the word marketing...what happens?

(are you cringing?  i thought so...)

marketing has gotten a bad rap, and consequently it's become a cringe-worthy topic for many small business owners -- like lovely yoga teachers.

the truth is, marketing can be fun!  yes, that's right -- FUN!!!

but, until you get to that FUN place (and you'll get there someday, i have faith in you!), you might feel a little awkward or even guilty when it comes time to market your yoga business and your teaching.

and, that's precisely why i've put together this short 3 min vid that covers 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT feel guilty, awkward, salesy, etc. when you're sharing what you do best!

when i say "marketing", how do you feel?
if it brings up something negative for you, what word or thought can you replace that with to begin to retrain your brain to LOVE marketing as much (or almost as much!) as i do :-)

share it in the comments below!