biz: 7 ways to get maximum exposure for your yoga blog

do you have a yoga blog?  do you wish more people read it?  then don't just let it sit there!  make it work for you. if you're creating quality content for your yoga blog, you're doing yourself and your readers (and potential readers) a disservice by not doing all you can to distribute that content to everyone that could benefit from reading it.

if you're worried about posting "repeat" content in multiple places, don't be.  not everyone follows you as closely as you might hope -- so share your content everywhere that you can think of :-)

need some ideas? try these out:

  • send the post out via email or e-newsletter to your mailing list
  • post a link to the post on your facebook page
  • tweet it out on twitter
  • remind your students in class about your blog & give them a synopsis of the post to whet their appetite
  • share it with your linkedin yoga groups
  • send it to a popular (bigger) blogger that you admire
  • re-work the content a  bit, and email it to a yoga e-zine or blog that accepts submissions from guest posters (like elephant journal, mindbodygreen, yoganonymous, etc.)

if you commit to doing just 3 of these each time you post a new blog, i promise new readers will find you.  start with the ones that seem "easy", and then challenge yourself to try a few that seem a bit more uncomfortable.  often the things that take us out of our comfort zone, are the very things that offer the most growth and potential!