biz: how to break through your blocks (war of art book review)

do you feel called to do something?

i'm guessing, if you're hanging out here, you feel called to teach yoga!  am i right?

did you ever notice, though, that there are things (unseen things) that hold you back from taking the steps you need to take to transform your teaching into an abundant and sustainble career?

well, steven pressfield, author of war of art (and all around great guy), labels that thing that holds us back from doing the work we were put here to do resistance.

resistance is sneaky, annoying, and can hold us back from evolving into happier, healthier, more fulfilled beings.  no good!

if you're ready to kick resistance's a$@ once and for all, you NEED to get your hands on a copy of war of art.  seriously, this book could change your life.

to hear more about how this book can change the trajectory of your yoga career & listen to a few chosen passages from it, check out the short vid below.

purchase your copy of war of art by steven pressfield here.



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