biz: join the Yoga Business Summit!

do you have a great yoga biz idea, but for some reason seem "stalled" to get it off the ground? are you ready to turn your yoga teaching "hobby" into a fulfilling, successful career?

well, i have an exciting opportunity to share with you.  my friend, chris king -- the marketing alchemist, and co-founder of the Yoga Business Summit, works with yoga professionals to help them hone their niche and market their offerings in a way that is sustainable, profitable, and fun!  (sounds pretty good -- right?!)  i've been keeping up with chris for a while now, and thoroughly enjoy all his instructive videos that contain helpful, actionable tips to create a business and life that you love.

so, that's why i'm so excited to let you know that he's launching another Yoga Business Summit very soon.  The YB Summit is a FREE offering which highlights super successful yogis from around the world -- they share their expertise and advice to help you follow your passion and live your dream!

don't pass this up.  it's FREE, no-strings-attached, and i guarantee it will inspire you to move forward with your business (and personal) goals in 2013!!!