biz: my evening with barbara corcoran

recently, i attended an evening with barbara corcoran, famous real estate mogul and today show contributor.  she's a very dynamic and entertaining speaker, and her competitive edge is palpable.  throughout the evening, she shared a few life lessons that have served her well -- and are applicable no matter what business you're in.  so, i thought i'd pass a few along to you! Barbara Corcoran

get good at failure -- in order to truly succeed and live the life of your dreams, you can't let failure deter you.  i can personally attest to this -- before founding CALM biz, i had a party prep/catering company, an interior design firm, and did freelance writing -- but without those life experiences and lessons learned, i wouldn't have been able to hone in on my true passion (biz + yoga).  plus, people only remember your successes in the end (and it makes for a better story if you have a few "detours" along your path to true and lasting success!)

have fun -- barbara shared that the one thing that truly set her real estate group apart from all the others was that they had fun together.  and really, if you're not having fun and loving what you do, what's the point?!  to pass along a tip from laura roeder, think of your small biz and your target yoga clientele in terms of party guests -- who do you want to invite to your party?  keep it fun!

perception is reality -- this i whole-heartedly believe.  if you believe with every ounce of your being in what you are doing, offering, teaching that authenticity will be communicated to everyone you interact with -- whether you're a huge success (yet) or not.  start living "as if", start speaking "as if", and see what shifts for you.

bad times are the best time to move ahead -- in tough times, the "big guys" hunker down and play it safe, and it makes for the ideal time to persevere and move onward and upward.  as a small biz or independent contractor, you have the freedom and ability to take risks that will ultimately lead to more success -- or should i say exponential success.  )and you're ok with taking risks becuase you're not afraid of failure, right?!)

be genuine -- the key to success is to be yourself -- and the more genuine you are, and the more true you remain to your purpose and goals, the more people your mission will resound with.  don't be afraid to be quirky, strange, funny, contemplative, sarcastic, outgoing -- whatever makes you you!

hope barbara's pearls of wisdom inspire you as much as they inspired me!