biz: should i have a yoga niche?

this is a question that i get asked a lot: "should i have a yoga niche?"

the short answer is "yes".

there's a caveat to this, however.  i DO NOT suggest that you go out and pigeon hole yourself into one style of teaching just to have a "niche".  the process of finding your yoga niche can be lengthy, requires patience, and also calls on a great deal of introspection AND action.

a niche should be a natural, organic extension of who you are -- both personally and as a teacher.  it's not something you can (or should) force.  that said, if there is a group of students that you love to teach or that you feel especially connected to, having a niche is a great way to establish a foothold in the yoga community and set yourself apart.

here are some reasons why a yoga niche is so beneficial:

  1. it gets you really clear on who you're meant to serve
  2. it improves ALL of your marketing because you know exactly who you're talking to
  3. it's much easier to stand out (yoga is a crowded industry and there are thousands of teachers out there...but there are far less who specialize in yoga for golfers, chair yoga for senior citizens, therapeutic vinyasa, or meditation for teens)
  4. it's more fulfilling (ideally, your niche serves you on a deeper level because it's a combination of multiple interests and passions.  take me for example, i offer marketing and business advice for yoga teachers because i <3 yoga + business)
  5. you can rise to the level of expert (when there are fewer teachers to compete against, it's much easier to be seen as a niche expert and become the go-to teacher, adviser, and spokesperson for your yoga niche.

need help defining your niche? check back this thursday when i'll delve into how to discover your yoga niche!  or, if you want some specific advice about your yoga career, check out my one-on-one coaching options here.