biz: the 5 things you need to do TODAY to have your dream yoga career TOMORROW

yoga-2as yogis, we do our best to "live in the moment" and "be present". and, while that's an important practice, there are some things -- like building a yoga business -- that do require some forethought and planning.

if you truly want to have a world-changing yoga career, you need to have certain things in place to set yourself up for success.

just think of it this way, before you mastered urdhva dhanurasana (wheel pose), there were certain foundational asanas that you needed to put in place to guarantee your success in the pose.  you needed to first feel comfortable in bridge pose, perhaps you built your leg strength in chair pose, and you cultivated arm support in downdog or L-pose at the wall.

you held the vision of one day blossoming into urdhva dhanurasana, so you put in the work, you laid the foundation, and you were patient!

similarly, you need to have certain foundational business practices in place to make your abundant yoga career inevitable.

here are the 5 things you need to do TODAY to have your dream yoga career TOMORROW:

1) start building a yoga resume (or update your current one)

do you have a yoga resume that highlights your teaching experience, training, certifications and other relevant know-how?  if yes -- YAY!  you rock!  if not, it's time to put all your amazingness down on paper.  not only is this a great leave-behind when you're applying for new teaching jobs or pitching a workshop idea, but it will also bolster your confidence as you see all the knowledge and experience you bring to the table (or should i say "to the yoga mat").  need help crafting the perfect yoga resume?  i have a step-by-step (free!) guide here.

2) cultivate business sense

do you have yoga teacher insurance?  do you keep track of your yoga business expenses -- like new mats, gas for travel, and marketing materials?  do you charge enough for your yoga services to support your lifestyle?  cultivating biz savvy isn't something that will happen overnight, so choose one area that you know needs a little more TLC, and address it.  NOW!  there's no time like the present to set yourself up for future success :-)

3) put yourself out there

this is a toughie for a lot of yoga teachers (myself included).  whether it's applying for a teaching job at your dream studio, pitching an idea for a yoga workshop, attending a yoga conference, networking with biz-minded yogis that you admire, or simply sharing what you do when someone asks -- it's HARD to talk yourself up!  the silver lining is that the more you do it, the more comfortable you'll become.

the truth is, opportunities don't just drop into our laps out of the blue.  opportunities present themselves when we cultivate the skill of seeking them out.  you're never going to manifest your dream of leading a chair yoga teacher training if you don't talk about it, research it, ask students and fellow teachers for feedback, contact Yoga Alliance, etc. etc. etc.   you have to put yourself out there to make things happen!

4) build an online "hub"

this is a MUST if you want to have a truly abundant, successful and fulfilling yoga career.  this is NOT an option.

you need to have a website if you're going to change the world -- it's practically mandatory these days.

if you think the studio will handle this for you with a nice bio page, that's not enough.  take back your power, and manage your "yoga brand" on your terms.  don't rely on your studio to do it for you!  plus, your website is a place where you can further express your personality, share your yoga "philosophy", educate about your offerings, and grow a community of like-minded yogis who like you and want to learn from you.  you need to have a "hub" for your yoga movement -- you need to have a website!

(did i drill that in enough?  no?!  ok, one more time: you NEED to have a website!)

5) foster community

if you've been hanging around with me for a while, you knew this one was coming...start building a yoga email list!

why?  because it serves as the backbone of all your yoga marketing.  your email list is the group of students who like (or perhaps LOVE)  you, want to learn from you, and adore how you teach yoga!  so you NEED to keep track of who they are.

then, when you have something coming up like a new class or yoga event, you can instantly let all your yoga "fans" know!  and, they'll be very happy you did!

bonus tip: foster an even greater sense of community by offering valuable weekly yoga tips & practices in the form of a newsletter!


i want to hear from you!

what ONE THING are you going to do today to manifest your dream yoga career tomorrow?

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