biz: top 5 reasons you're NOT killing it with your yoga biz

you love yoga.  you love your students.  you work hard.  yet, you're still not killing it with your yoga biz.  what gives? the thing is, sometimes we think we're doing everything right, but in truth we're selling ourselves short, or worse, self-sabotaging our efforts.  if you've been working at this yoga thing for a while now, but still are not seeing the number of students, income, and work schedule you're hoping for, here are the top 5 things that might be tripping you up.

  1. you're inconsistent.  you started a blog, and began posting 2x week, but now post...wait, when was the last post?...  you have a facebook page and go through spurts of updating it.  you thought about doing a yoga newsletter, sent out one, and then forgot about it.  remember, the only way to see results is to apply consistent effort over time!  you're a yogi -- you know this better than anyone.  a student who has never practiced before is not going to be able to hold a 2 minute headstand in the center of the room.  in time, with consistent practice, no problem.
  2. you're scattered.  you teach a yoga for teens class, hosted a yoga brunch event for your restorative students, and are planning a yoga workshop for athletes.  though you likely have many passions in the yoga milieu, in order to get a foothold and make a name for yourself, it's important to think about where you can have the greatest impact and which students need you the most.  what group do you love teaching?  who responds best to you?  what makes your heart sing?  serve those students.
  3. you're afraid.  we're all scared of failure.  of putting ourselves out there, only to find that it's a no-go, and our dream is not viable.  it's not easy to lay it all on the line, speak your truth, and fully inhabit who you're meant to be.  so instead, we sell ourselves short, and don't do the very things that we know (deep down) will make the biggest difference (like being consistent with our marketing efforts and focusing on a yoga niche -- see #1 & #2).
  4. you're spending your time in the wrong places.  this can be a tricky one.  it's easy to get so busy doing "important" tasks that you get stuck treading water.  if you want to see leaps and bounds with your yoga biz, you have to try something new!  remember, if you want to keep on gettin' what you're gettin', keep on doin' what you're doin'.  instead of spinning your wheels doing the same stuff you always do (that got you to where you are now), do one BIG thing a day that will move your forward.  yes, just ONE.  send a guest post pitch to a big-time yoga blogger or magazine.  contact a yoga conference about presenting.  reach out to a new studio about a class you'd like to teach there.  do just ONE thing a day to move you forward.
  5. you're impatient.  yes, even yogis can get impatient.  if you're doing everything right (or to the best of your ability), and aren't falling prey to any of the traps above, chances are you're on the right path.  give it time.  nothing happens overnight.  again, remember your yoga practice -- if you're anything like me, there are likely poses you're still trying to master.  have faith that what you're doing will take you where you want to go!

so, why are you NOT killing it?  and, what are you going to do to change that starting right now?!