biz: turning pro (revisited)

a beautiful thing happened the other day.  my husband came in from the post office with a package -- "this is for you".  and he handed it to me.  i read the return address -- it was from steven pressfield, the author of turning pro (the book i recently did a video review of for you all).

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what did he send me? 9 (yes, 9!) copies of two of his books, all signed by him.  he even wrote a personal note in two of them just for me :-)  he asked that i pass them along to "worthy" recipients, and i plan to do just that!

photo 3(1)

though i have a few recipients in mind already, i wanted to share the wealth with you, too!  if you're interested in a copy of turning pro or the war of art, leave a comment below, on facebook, or tweet me, and introduce yourself -- share your name, the style of yoga you teach, your website, your goals and dreams, or whatever else you feel like!  then, i'll select two people to receive signed copies of steve's books.  i'll announce the winner in my march 13th CALM biz newsletter :-)

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