biz: what should i write about on my yoga blog?

are you struggling with what to write about on your yoga blog?  chances are you're over-thinking it. remember, you're not writing a yoga encyclopedia -- you're writing a blog that is intended for your students.  think about the content that would benefit them, and don't worry so much about "impressing" readers with your yoga knowledge.

if every time you sit down to write a new blog post, you draw a blank, do some prep work to ensure that you'll always have great ideas to work from.

grab a pen and paper, or pull up a blank word.doc, and start a running list of topics.  aim to generate at least 25 in your first sitting, but don't stop yourself there if you can keep going!  then, the next time you've set aside time to write, check your list for instant inspiration.

here are some things to think about when you craft your topic list to get you started:

  • what questions do your students commonly ask you?
  • are there any common terms that you could define? (i.e. namaste, om, ujjayi breath, etc.)
  • is there a certain pose or family of poses that you would like to explain more in-depth?
  • is there a class theme or yoga sutra you could elaborate on?
  • how can you help your students live their yoga off-the-mat?
  • do you have any events, new classes, or workshops coming up?

no matter what you write about, think about how you can ADD MEANINGFUL VALUE to your students' and readers' lives, and deepen their experience and appreciation of yoga.