biz: where a successful yoga teacher's income comes from (hint: it's NOT public classes)

do you know where a successful yoga teacher's income comes from?

maybe you have visions of her (1) teaching several packed public classes a week and (2) working with several private clients each week.  but the truth is, truly successful yoga teachers have WAY MORE than just 2 streams of income -- and relying on public classes is rarely a big part of the monetary equation.

here’s a hypothetical breakdown of what a super successful yoga teacher’s career looks like – so that you can perhaps model your own after it!
  • 3 public classes/week at $50/each = $7,500/year
  • 5 private lessons/week at $125/each = $31,250/year
  • one-time workshops (in-person or via webinar) $50 per attendee (15 attendees, 4x year) = $3,000/year
  • 4 week yoga immersion that meets 1x week (in-person or via webinar) $500 per attendee (10 attendees, 3x year) = $15,000/year
  • home yoga immersion video series (on demand via your website) $75 for videos (sell 15 per month) = $13,500/year
  • yoga e-book (on demand via your website) $25 for e-book (sell 20 per month) = $6,000/year
  • premium training for students or fellow teachers $2750 per registrant (10 registrants, 1x year) = $27,500/year
  • guest teaching gigs at conferences, workshops, other people’s teacher trainings $200 per time (5x year) = $1000/year
  • total yearly income: $104,750

as you can see, yogis that make it big rely very little on their public classes to make a living.

the key is having MULTIPLE STREAMS of income. 

you’ve heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?  well, the same principle applies here.  you can’t expect to have a super successful yoga career if you rely solely on teaching public classes.

you NEED TO think about how to branch out and serve your students in new ways that serves both them and you better!

ok, now it’s time to dream big.  using the examples above for inspiration, what ONE THING would you like to incorporate into your yoga career as another income stream within the next 6 months?
do ONE THING TODAY to move you in that direction!


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