biz: why you need a website (yes, you yoga teacher!)

hello fellow yoga teachers!  do you have a personal website for your yoga offerings?  if my asking that question has you rolling your eyes and thinking "that's not for me" -- i'm here to convince you otherwise.  though you might feel like the ancient practice of yoga and the online world are at odds, like it or not, the web is the way to communicate and find info these days (like who the most awesome yoga teacher is in the area). if you don't have an online presence, it's time for a change.  the web is the ultimate equalizer, and being able to point students, private clients, and studio owners to your website is key to expanding your reach and growing your yoga business.  even if you work at a studio or gym that has a website, you still need a personal one that lists your particular yoga expertise if you truly want to be seen as a professional.

need more convincing?  read on to learn why you need an online presence for your yoga biz -- and where to start building one!

1. it's the ultimate equalizer -- having a website gives you instant cred.  not that you're trying to fool anybody, but if you're a new teacher (and lacking confidence in your skill set), having a website that lists your trainings and expertise will boost your confidence, and serve as a "virtual resume" when you're applying for teaching jobs.  or, if you've been teaching for years, a website gives your loyal students a place to keep up with all that you're doing and offering.

2. it helps people find you -- if you offer private lessons, corporate classes, or other unique offerings, a website is the ideal place to outline them.  if people are googling "private therapeutic yoga" and that's your specialty, they are not going to find you unless you have an online presence.  i know that seems obvious, but there are still so many talented teachers out there who overlook this simple fact.  if you want to get found, and recognized for what you do, build a website!

3. it's easy and free -- printing business cards, designing brochures, and hanging up fliers take a lot of time, energy, and money.  if instead, you channeled even half of that into a website, you'd have one up and running in no time!  plus, you can update your site as often as you like with your most recent workshops, retreats, and events -- no need to make up another brochure!  even better, there are tons of FREE platforms that allow you to build, design, and easily update your website -- two of my favorites are and

(bonus!) 4. it connects you -- you can "trick out" your site with e-newsletter sign-ups, yoga videos, and social media icons (like facebook and twitter) that will further connect you to your students (and anyone else who is interested in your offerings).  and, the more you build relationships with people that are fans of what you do, the more success and fulfillment you'll enjoy from your yoga career -- guaranteed!

ok, now go out there and build yourself a website!  (you can do it, i promise -- and if you need any help, contact me!)