biz: wise words -- and so simple!


my husband sent this to me the other day.  the concept is so simple, yet it's something i continue to struggle with from time to time.  when i get into the space of comparing myself to others, i can feel like "i'll never be that successful/influential/known/etc.", but the truth is -- even the people we view as at the top of their game were once beginners.  even those we look up to and admire and see as successful were once newbies and just starting out.  wherever you are is exactly where you need to be!  and, the only thing i can do is strive to be the best version of myself -- cause nobody can be a better me than me!

so, the next time you're feeling overwhelmed, and like there's just too much to do, and you'll never "get there", remember these wise words...even the expert was once a beginner!