blogging book

blogging book
attention all blogging mavens!  i just got blogging your way to the front row by yuli ziv in the mail on wednesday.  i started reading it yesterday, and i could not put it down.  yuli is the blogger behind and also the owner/founder of  she is an extremely successful blogtrepreneur (that's blogger + entrepreneur) and in her book, she shares her experiences as well as real, actionable tips to build your blog.

if you're a serious blogger...or want to become one.  this book is a must read.  she discusses branding, image, networking, content and much, much more.

me & my book : )

since her industry is fashion, she does highlight fashion blogging a bit, but (as you know) i am not a fashion blogger, but still found her advice helpful, inspiring and motivating.  in addition to advice, she also provides an "action plan" to solidify your goals and brand image.  all the exercises i've completed so far have been eye-opening and left me feeling much more focused about my blogging goals.


so, if you're interested in building your brand/blog and online presence, i highly recommend giving this book a chance..