breathe & smile. smile & breathe.

lately, i've been a roller coaster of emotions.  with the wedding drawing near, yoga teacher training beginning and some time-consuming (but exciting) work projects on my plate, i've been up-down-high-low-happy-sad-pissy-sweet a lot lately.  poor craig.

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that said, i have been making a concerted effort to focus on the positive...cause after all, perception is reality, right?  but sometimes it can really just feel like the world is coming at me, no matter how hard i try to convince myself otherwise.  in those moments, instead of moping or crying or getting mad, i'm breathing.  and smiling...if i can.  and then breathing some more.

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i'm finding that this oh-so-simple tactic is really helping me get my feet back on the ground when my head is running wild and my emotions are out of whack.  instead of beating yourself up for not being able to "change" your mood, stop trying.  breathe.  and smile (if you can).  and then breathe some more.

when you control the breath, you control the mind - no matter what it's saying to you...

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smile.  breathe.