Clarity Confession with Jessica Durivage

Confession: “I used to be a workaholic. I worked long days, feeling like I was being productive, but in reality I was just spinning. Now, I work just 15 hours a week and am getting more done, and my business is doing better than ever!” - Jessica Durivage, founder of Where Is My Guru
Jessica is a business buddy of mine. She’s up to amazing things in the world -- like starting an online “university” dedicated to well-living and self-improvement -- but the clarity that she has now was not always there.
During her Clarity Confession, she candidly shares that she used to be a burnt-out, overworked and overwhelmed business builder. She wasn’t focused, didn’t have a business structure that was bringing in money, and didn’t feel like she was making the difference that she knew she could make in the world.
Fast-forward to today. Her work is all about service and helping people live beautiful, meaningful lives, and as she puts it, she finally feels aligned with her purpose.
In this month’s inaugural Clarity Confession, Jessica took the hot seat and held nothing back.
Tune in to learn…
  • What her first 5 years in business REALLY looked like (trust me, this is a truth that NO ONE tells you)
  • How she’s able to work just 15 hours a week and still grow her business
  • The lifestyle movement she’s embraced that has enabled her to find more time, ease and enjoyment in her life and business
  • What keeps her grounded and present in order to show up as her best self
Watch Jessica’s Clarity Confession below.
Plus, Jessica’s offering an amazing gift to one lucky viewer. Watch until the end to learn how to enter for your chance to win free admission to a Where Is My Guru online course. There are several amazing ones to choose from!
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P.S. You can hang with Jessica HERE & check out the super cool things she's up to (and pick out the course you'd want to take if you win free admission!)