Clarity Confession with Laura Dos Santos of She Oms

Confession: “It took me a lot less time than I expected for my business to be profitable. You always hear it takes 3 or 5 years, but because I invested in a team of support right off the bat, She Oms was profitable much, much sooner.” - Laura Dos Santos, founder of She Oms
Laura is a branding expert for wellness warriors and spirit supporters who has nearly a decade of experience in marketing and branding. She married her corporate experience and passion for yoga and the healing arts and founded She Oms where she and her team teach entrepreneurs how to show up confidently and courageously as brands.
During her Clarity Confession, she reveals her formula for success -- surrounding herself with a team to help her achieve her mission of empowering female-preneurs to deliver their brands to the world. Without that support from the get-go, Laura admits she would not have the business she has today. (Definitely a valuable lesson for us solopreneurs who think we can do it all ourselves!)
In this month’s Clarity Confession, Laura took the hot seat and held nothing back.
Watch to learn…
  • The 3 Shared Traits of ALL Successful Brands - and how you can build them into yours
  • Why Laura's rise to entrepreneurial success was easier and more rapid than she expected (and how yours can be too)
  • The mindset shift you need to make in order to harness the flow of abundance
  • How Laura schedules her days for maximum productivity (and why she NEVER answers the phone on Mondays)
  • How to win Laura's $200 Digital Branding Course - All You Need is Brand - for FREE
To enter for a chance to win Laura's awesome course, All You Need is Brand, be sure to watch until the end to learn how to enter. Trust me, you're gonna want in on this.
Check out Laura's Clarity Confession below.
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