Clarity Confession with Nikki Groom of The F Factor

Confession: “In my first year of business I booked myself 3 months in advance, had a huge amount of demand, never had to look for clients, and got amazing testimonials, but there were no systems or foundation under that. By the end of the year I was burnt out, and I knew I had to change things up.” - Nikki Groom, founder of The F Factor
Nikki Groom is a business storyteller and copywriter at The F Factor (“F” stands for “Female”) and helps women entrepreneurs all over the world shine a light on what makes them different so that they can market their businesses with confidence.
Besides being an all-around awesome gal, her approach to copywriting is a little unconventional in that every project she takes on is a fully customized experience. No templates. No scripts. Just laser-sharp questions and a heaping dose of empathy — both of which help her get to the heart of your business so that she can speak to your audience in a way that makes them feel both seen and heard.
During her Clarity Confession, she dishes about her first year in business, the best and worst thing about being an entrepreneur, how she found her calling, and the ONE WORD that sums up her life's purpose.
When this storyteller took the hot seat, she was an open book :-)
Watch her Clarity Confession to learn…
  • The 2 kinds of fear we experience, and how to know which one you should move TOWARDS
  • Why storytelling should be a HUGE part of your marketing
  • The importance of self-care on the path to success
  • What makes Nikki feel the most successful
Watch Nikki's Clarity Confession below.
And now, Nikki and I want to hear YOUR story. Listen until the very end to hear how you can submit your story to Nikki's 100 stories project for women entrepreneurs! Visit the FB page to enter. Such a cool initiative. You have to check it out!

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