Dream Year - go from a job you HATE to a life you LOVE

What if in 12 months you could be in a totally different place in your life and career?
A better, happier, more fulfilled place. What if all it would take would be 12 months of dedication, vision, hard work (of course), and business building to get you there -- would you commit?
Helping YOU live your Dream Year is Ben Arment’s mission. He’s the founder of STORY, an annual conference for thousands of creators, dreamers and entrepreneurs, and is the author of Dream Year: Make the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love.
Pursuing a Dream Year is about going after your BIG idea. The thing that tugs at your heart, occupies your mind, and keeps presenting itself time and again -- beckoning you to follow it.
It’s about transitioning from a job you hate to a life + career you are proud of and really and truly love. It’s about being guided by your life’s purpose and building a business that serves you and others in the very best ways possible.
Dream Year is a workbook for your best life.
Ben offers a month-by-month outline, to-do lists, thought-provoking questions, inspiring stories, and sage advice from thought leaders. This book can (and will) serve as a trusted guide to help you make the most of this one life you’ve got.
One of the things I particularly like about Dream Year is that the process is not sugar-coated. Ben doesn’t hold back when it comes to describing the tough reality entrepreneurs face when venturing out on their own. But, he also does a fantastic job of illustrating the rewards of giving yourself a Dream Year, and also the grim alternative we face if we don’t.
For more about Dream Year, key takeaways that’ll impact your business RIGHT NOW and some inspiring quotes, watch the video below.

Think you’re ready to have a Dream Year? (I think you are!)
Share one of your BIG goals with me in the comments below. No holding back -- the bigger the better!
Here’s to having a Dream Year! xo,
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