falling for fall (are you a falloholic?)

hi, my name is cailen, and i'm a falloholic.  i love when the mornings get cooler, the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change.  when an unexpected warm, sunny day creeps in mid-september, it can put me in a bad mood. 
our thanksgiving table

i'm a fall chick.  i was born in november and love nothing better than sitting fireside, sipping hot cocoa (or sherry : ) and feeling that "fall" feeling.  you know the feeling.  that intangible splendor of crisp breezes, pumpkins on porches and golden corn stalks swaying in farmers' fields.  hay bales.  colorful maple leaves.  hearty soups.  crusty breads.  (i know, i always go to food...)  enjoying time with friends and family.  moving indoors and making home feel like it's supposed to.  warm, cozy, inviting and filled with wonderful memories. 

our driveway, fall 2009

i'm big on traditions, so this time of year fits me like a glove.  seeing kids go back to school, waiting for buses - it makes me reminisce (and dare i say miss?) the back-to-school ritual.  when school preparations fade, there's homecoming (go mules!), halloween, (my birthday and craig & my anniversary) followed closely by thanksgiving.  ahhh, thanksgiving.  it gave me that good "rush" of nostalgia just typing the word.

oh, fall.  you make me oh so happy.  here's to early dusk, hearth side gatherings and falling leaves.  cheers.

are you a sucker for sweaters, apple-picking and hot cider?  then you might be a falloholic too!  what do you love best about this time of year?