farmers market & a waffle

coffees at meil's

so yesterday, craig, hannah (my sister) and i ventured down to a local (indoor) farmers market near my parents’ house.  this awesome little foodie haven is only open fridays through sundays, but it does not disappoint.  fair trade coffee.  fresh baked croissants.  local cheeses.  homemade pies.  organic veggies.  gourmet truffles.  i could go on…and on…

farmers markets are just delightful.  not only do they give lots of tasty free samples (hello, cheesecake), they also offer a chance to meet (and support) local purveyors.  i had the pleasure of chatting with a girl working “the painted truffle” booth.  she gave us lots of yummy treats (like a taste of an apricot-cognac french macaroon and some sipping chocolate i.e. dark chocolate melted into milk, swiss miss will never suffice again…) and told us all about the owner & head chocolatier.  a local guy who used to be a graphic designer and now makes amazingly delicious (and unique) chocolate treats.  very cool.  anyone care for a s’mores truffle?  umm…yes, please.

the painted truffle's lovely boxes

french-style maccaroons

but i have to admit, the whole reason for our trip yesterday was not (solely) out of the goodness of my heart to support the local community.  i went for a waffle.  not just any waffle.  an exquisite, life-changing waffle.  made with dough, not batter, nina’s waffles are divine.  unlike their airy belgian cousins, these waffles are dense and have an almost gooey, buttery center.  their sweet exterior “crust” is perfection…they need no toppings (though, of course, you can get them with nutella, whipped cream, fruit or pb&j).  they are unlike any waffle i’ve ever eaten.  ever.  i ordered it plain.  craig ordered one smeared with nutella.  i ate mine and ½ of his…

nina's waffles
me & my waffle

if you’re ever in hunterdon county, nj near the small town of stockton on a friday, saturday or sunday, i highly recommend that you stop by said charming farmers market and hunt down the waffle lady (fyi she’s in the back).  you’ll be hooked for life.  (if waffles traveled better, i would have totally turned this post into a giveaway…).