happy hour: i do

so, mavens!  it's finally here - WEDDING WEEKEND!!!  as you read this, i'm on my way into philly to enjoy a lovely day of final prep and pampering before our rehearsal & rehearsal dinner tonight.

tomorrow, you'll find me and my girls at a quaint french cafe for breakfast, readying ourselves (and enjoying lunch...and champagne) in my sister's suite before heading to our 4pm ceremony where i'll become a mrs.

girls' breakfast. credit {here}

 following the ceremony, our guests will enjoy a fabulous cocktail hour - replete with a live jazz and a spectacular philadelphia skyline view - while craig and i snap some photos.

the reception will begin at 6pm and continue to 10pm (and we've got a few surprises up our sleeves for our guests to enjoy).

credit {here}

and after the reception, guests have a quick 1/2 hour to change before our after-party kicks-off at a great local tavern.

needless to say, craig and i (and our families) are super excited.  and, in true celebratory form, i think it's only appropriate to crack open a bottle of bubbly!

so, while you're enjoying this first weekend of november, sit back with a bellevue bubbly and celebrate your inner maven.

bellevue bubbly - our signature wedding cocktail

champagne . splash of st. germain . splash of vodka . garnish with lemon twist
watch me make this drink {here}

credit {here}


alright, mavens - i'll see you in two weeks!  i've lined up lots of awesome guest bloggers to delight you while we're enjoying our honeymoon in seville, spain & marrakesh, morocco : )