happy hour: mint tea in marrakech

view of our riad's interior from rooftop terrace

mid-honeymoon, craig and i spent a long weekend in marrakech, morocco.  it was another world.  i had never been to africa before, so venturing across the mediterranean from sevilla, where we had been staying, was a thrill in and of itself.  there was a moment during our hour-long plane ride over when you could see europe, the mediterranean islands and africa all at once.  it was unreal.

our meal at the food stalls
yes, we went on a camel excursion : )
lantern souk
moroccan breakfast

in marrakech the streets are narrow, the squares are crowded and the smells (both good and bad) are overpowering.  we stayed in a great riad (i.e. small hotel) not to far from the spice market and the main square.  the majority of our time was spent shopping in the souks - small artisan shops.  and when we weren't shopping, we were drinking mint tea.

me with monkey
mint tea and "pancakes" with honey
olive tree on our riad's rooftop terrace
rug souk (where we bought a little moraccan carpet!)

their green tea & fresh mint infusion was so refreshing and deliciously sweet, and our riad - riad charlott' - offered it as a complimentary treat along with sesame seed biscotti whenever your heart desired.  needless to say, craig and i enjoyed several pots of mint tea during our 3 day stay : )

spice shop in the spice market near our riad
spa where we enjoyed a tradition scrub (and massage)

 sunset in marrakech

though we experienced a bit of culture shock, we both completely enjoyed our weekend in morocco.  and...we left with a rug, 2 punched-copper lanterns, several pairs of leather slipper shoes, countless scarves and a small ceramic bowl.  all of which survived the ride home!